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I just learned of this plug in and wanted to share it. With the plug in installed, you can look at any web page and then alter the CSS to adjust how that page would look. In particular, I really like how it shows you which css file and what line number you need to adjust to make the temporary change into a permanent change in your site.

I'm sure the tool does way more than just this, but for a rookie web developer, this feature alone is super useful.
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    I second that. Firbeug has shaved a LOT of time off my CSS tweaking. Especially with dual montiors, I can have the browser on one side, my stylesheet on the other. Lovely.

    To think I used to edt->save->upload->view->edit->save->upload->view->pull-hair-out.

    Microsoft also "adapted" Firebug for Internet Explorer, called Developer Tools. I believe it's built in to IE 8.

    I also recomend getting the Page Speed add-on for Firebug to see what's causing delays in your load time.

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      I was just using the web developer toolbar for css, but I'll have to check this out.

      Originally Posted by RJP View Post

      To think I used to edt->save->upload->view->edit->save->upload->view->pull-hair-out.
      Enjoyed that. Literary talent

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        For those using Google Chrome, there is a built-in developer control panel which was modeled after Firebug. You can either navigate through the menu to "Developer tools" or right click on any webpage and select "Inspect Element".
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    This plug-in for Firefox is downright dirty. One of my favourites, I've been using it for years.

    I love the graphical breakdown of the load-times of all the elements of the page you're opening (Net tab -> All)

    Too darn cool.
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      errr... i Fourthed this?? hahaha

      firebug is indeed awesome... a must-have
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    nothing beats firebug: you can edit the lines of code in firebug and see the direct effect on the live page which you are viewing... once you know the changes you want to make, you can go in and edit the web document in your web editor program...... awesome!
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    It's one thing why I just wanted to marry Firefox. The plug-ins are cool. Seldom crashes unlike the.. err.. its counterparts. Most of all for the nth time, I just love Firebug.
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