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Hey guys (and girls), how are you doing?

During the past couple of months I have done a lot of research on A/B split testing, multi-variate testing, Google Website Optimizer, and so on.


Because I want to split test two things on my Wordpress blog:

1) Landing page for a newsletter with versus without a video
2) An opt in form for the newsletter inside a blog post versus a link to a landing page inside the post (where the landing page has an opt in form)

The only problem is this: Google Website Optimizer requires a variant to be made, but when I make a variant then the RSS feed of the blog will let all my newsletter subscribers, Twitter/Facebook followers etc. know that there is a `new` post. They´re not dumb so they´ll know it´s duplicate content.

So, I either need a way to do an A/B split test with a blog post WITHOUT a variant showing up as a new post (as a draft then?)... or...

I need to somehow be able to split test 2 things in one blog posts without me needing to make a variant post, but using some php or whatever so the variant is loaded in the blog post itself.

The split test plugins I have seen for Wordpress all come across like they are meant for people who want to make second versions of blog posts.

So what I am looking for is someone that can help me (I will pay you obviously) set up split test on my Wordpress blog without the test causing all my current fans and customers to be spammed with stuff they have already read.

This guy showed me how to use multiple plugins together to pull this off once, but seriously... how can you get reliable results from a thing like using 3 plugins to do one task and without the accuracy and details of Google Website Optimizer.

Can someone help me do this through Website Optimizer or through some other way? Reply or message me so we can talk some business. There don´t seem to be much freelancers out there who seem to know what I need...


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