Any Wordpress Expert can help me place my OPTIN FORM on my homepage?

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Hello Friends !

Last days I'm working on my new Website : ForexNoBrainer . Com
My problem is I'm trying to place my AWEBER OPTIN FORM on the homepage right next to the IMAGE (which will be replaced by VIDEO), and it doesn't work.

The OPTIN FORM keeps appearing on the top of the "read more" page where visitors are redirected once they read the first few lines of my post.

Any ideas ?

Thank you

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    Hi Sophia.

    If you want your optin block to appear on every page, I would put it in a text box at the top of the right hand side bar.

    Don't forget that if that optin block is in a post, when you create a new post it will drop off the front page anyway (I assume that's how you have it setup).

    Not sure why it doesn't show at the moment, I guess it must be that when Wordpress displays that snippit of the post on the front page, it only displays the text and not a form.

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