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Hi there,

I have a new product (a diet supplement) that I need a website designed for. I am going to post a job for proposal on Elance and Odesk and am wondering what exactly should i be stating? We are looking for a site that ultimately converts traffic into sales.

Are the design and development of the site 2 different things and would / should I be hiring 2 different companies to do them?

I very much appreciate your counsel and advice.

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    Design is typically just the front end look and feel, where as development is the functionality, and hard code. Development is another beast if you are looking for something highly technical.

    Is this an affiliate website? I have experience writing for a diet supplement review site, and could easily build you a WordPress site that does not look like a blog, if that's what you're looking for.

    Lucinda Watrous--Freelance Writer and Web Designer

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      Hi there,

      Thanks for your response. No, this is not an affiliate site. Question then - would / should I hire the same company to do the design that does the development?

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        It depends on what exactly you need done. Many designers are also developers, and many developers are also designers.

        I myself, understand a lot more code than I can write. I work in WordPress because it handles the development and I can handle the design, while the client can easily maintain it and make his or her own changes.

        Lucinda Watrous--Freelance Writer and Web Designer

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          However WP is constricting, you have to design around it
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        It is always better to have the work done by the same process if possible. Even though the design and dev are separate processes, they are of course tied
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    Design & Development are two different things but are very much related to each other. I recommend to select the company which are specialized and can provide both these service. I even suggest you such company should be efficient in internet marketing as can build you a successful website from its initial stage.
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    If the product is owned by you and you want an affiliate program to help build your online salesforce, i can set this up for you on a premium wordpress theme of your choice and include a forum if you need as well.

    The forum is a great way of building content, building subscribers and increasing your search engine results
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    Surely design and development are different. But from the looks of your thread/requirements, I think you only need website design and simple coding work (without any major development) for your affiliate product website. Usually, most designers can code simple websites so I don't think you should hire separately for the design and coding.
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    Dreamweaver has been the best web design software out so far. It supports all web 2.0 coding.
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    I can help with your web design. PM me for my portfolio and more info.
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  • I think that you can definitely use the same person / company to handle the design & development... your project doesn't seem very complex at all.
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      If you want - I'd be happy to take care of this for you.
      You can have unlimited pages, videos, content, image galleries, Signup Form, Emailer, Distribution list, Call to Action and all of the "WOW" factors built in.

      I can get you up and running in about two days time. You can edit your page via drag and drop. You can add in unlimited content, again - adding in videos and SEO'ing each page is stupid easy. I'll give you a Tour if you like. It'll Blow your mind! It even works on Mobiles!

      My WSO Price is $0 for Setup and $19.95 / Month which handles everything. It's Designed for Affiliates and specifically to convert product into sales.

      I have my MBA and Masters of Sales and you'll have access to me as a consultant. I'm good at getting things done and accomplished! Feel free to pick my brain for ideas - and if you need references - I have hundreds!

      E-mail Me at VanFenix1@gmail.com If you want to speak to me. I'd love to give you a free tour!


      If you need a website, something cool, slick, and affordable - something with built in aweber, hosting included, extremely easy to use. Unlimited pages, Drag and drop functionality. E-mail me. vanfenix1 at gmail.com. || I'll set you up a site for 15 days to test out || Squeeze pages? no problem. Lightweight E-commerce? easy as pie. My Websites are not like you've ever seen. Try it today FREE!

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