301 redirect combining sitename.com and www.sitename.com

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I pulled the following from an article called "7 of the Biggest SEO Mistakes Most People Don't Know They Are Making". this was one of them. how do i do a 301 re-direct? newbie who has never done this before

Not Checking URL Canonicalization
Have you ever noticed that there are two ways you can type in a website address? You could type "www . YourWebsite . com," or you could simply type "YourWebsite . com." While both of these URLs may resolve to the same website, they are actually different website addresses in the eyes of the search engines. As you build out your website, publish content and seek inbound links, your link total will actually get split in half, as some bloggers will type your URL with the "www" prefix, and others will leave it off.
The solution is to tell the search engines to group both URLs together using a 301 redirect from one to the other. This is called URL canonicalization, and it can double your search engine power when done properly. It does not matter which URL -- "www . YourWebsite . com" or "YourWebsite . com" you choose to redirect to the other, all that matters is that the redirect is a 301 (or permanent redirect). Any other redirect type will not work.
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    301 are fairly easy to create just a small file with some code (check the link below) if you have a lot of pages it could take a while to create them all I've only ever had to create a few maybe there is a tool to help speed up the process.

    Are you using a CMS of some kind or is the site just static?

    301 Redirect - How to create Redirects

    There is another way to create multiple 301s by editing the htaccess file on your server, there some more info on the page above.

    Hope that helps


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    A 301 is a permanent redirect and a 302 is a temporary redirect. Typically a user will not notice any differance between the two types of redirect but Search Engines in particular are averse to ’302s’ as these have been used to try and trick them by serving differant pages than those seen by the user.

    It is worth noting that webservers default to 302 temporary redirects so it is essential to specify the 301 redirect

    The real benefit of a 301 redirect is that any search engine rankings or power in any page can be maintained or passed on to another page. So if you have redesigned your site and the URLs have changed it is possible to maintain your rankings and even improve them!
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