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I need some help from an expert web designer. We have a website online that is a resource for consumers with lots of original content designed in basic html through Dreamweaver. But we've run into a problem. The design comes out very awkward as seen on many larger monitors. Here's a snap shot of what it looks like on a 22-inch monitor: -

How do we fix this to display properly on all monitor sizes? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    add 'width="960"' to the first table tag (without the single quotes)

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      Setup your CSS using floats. This will give you a page that resizes with the browser window. You will also have to set min-width values so the divs don't start stacking but it's a pretty simple thing to do. You will probably also want to set max-width values for your "p" tags so the text won't run too wide on wider monitors.

      By using floats each columns width is a % of the total window width. div widths, margin widths, border widths, etc all have to add up to 100% or maybe slightly less.

      Do some Googling on "liquid layouts" and you should find enough information to figure out just what to do and what and where to tweak.
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    Thanks for your help!
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