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I have completed a new website and would appreciate the warriors' honest feedback.

One concern is the optin - is it too much?

Please do not hold back. I can handle constructive criticism. : )

I appreciate your time and value your opinions.

Thank you.

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    I would ask for advice and a critique in the copy writing forum as well.

    1. Get rid of "Hello and Welcome" and replace it with a statement that rocks:
    " Do you want articles that DRIVE Massive amounts of traffic to your Site?"
    "Articles that Deliver more traffic than you can handle"
    " Devastating powerful Kw rich articles to make you rich"
    "Instant Solution For Writers Block"
    * I am a terrible copy person but you get the point*

    ****Create some excitement with your copy****

    2. Call to action needs to be more prominent
    3. Your writing samples are fine but case studies with customer testimonials would be more effective. Also, I always prefer to see the samples on a real webpage if possible. I think this is more impressive.
    4. Image is of an old coffey grinder ? You could make the image more centered around writing i.e pens,pencils,quills,typewriter,keyboard,books,word s,letters, etc.
    5. Look at some of the eye tracking studies http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.html (if you haven't already) , most suggest that the pattern is F shaped and the upper left hand corner is where the action is located. Put your call to action and offer somewhere in this vicinity.

    Good luck
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    Hi Lori,

    The website looks good! Very clean and professional in my opinion. On your question about the opt-in, what I would do is instead of saying: "you get this, and this, and this, etc." I would make a list like:

    By signing up to our mailing list you can expect these great bonuses:

    1. Bonus 1
    2. Bonus 2
    3. Bonus 3
    4. etc.

    That's just an example.

    Another thing I noticed, in either Firefox or IE, is that your subscribe box extends off the edge of your design. Meaning it crosses from the white to the gray. Not sure if the way I'm explaining it makes sense.

    Last thing, under the "Meet Our Team" link, I would have individual pictures of each team member next to their bio. It makes it more personal and creates a somewhat indirect rapport to your customers.

    - Max
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    Thank you very much!
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