Can You See Anything Wrong With This Site?

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I am looking at a site trying to help him make his site better. I can't find anything wrong with it. What do you guys think? I think it's a pretty good site.

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    The site looks really cool! Great colors and very professional design. I can't see anything wrong with it!

    - Max
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    this site is awe some . but i don't understand that why you are sufering for that
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    Your site looks amazing, but for some strange reason, it loads a bit slow in my computer. Also, I think it would be better if you add a favicon.
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      The site looks good. But with me it took a long time to load the page first time. Google's Page Speed ​​but shows nothing unusual. However, the HTML could be revised. There are 25 HTML errors found on the website along with several warnings.
      Sail fast, live slow. :)

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      Originally Posted by siocowiz View Post

      Your site looks amazing, but for some strange reason, it loads a bit slow in my computer. Also, I think it would be better if you add a favicon.
      Fast loading for me. I use Opera11. You have a great looking website
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        The site loaded pretty fast for me, but I'm wondering about the word 'travelling'. I think there is only 1 'L' necessary in this word.
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    The site looks clean and easily navigable. I also like the fact that the color scheme is not overly brash, so users can focus on the content.

    The homepage took over 10 seconds to load, so if I was browsing via Google I might have given up and moved on. Once the homepage had loaded I was able to navigate to other pages without any loading issues.

    I think the background image would look better on my monitor (17" - 1440x900) if it took up the entire screen instead of having to go into repeat on the far right. The line where the image starts to repeat is a little distracting.

    Other than that it looks like a good, professional, well laid out website.
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    Looks great to me but as others have said it takes a long time to load.

    They might want to update the copyright date at the bottom of the site and I could not see any meta keywords in the source code.

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    Its really nice and decent design .specially i like color combination ,you done awesome work .Keep it up
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    The first thing I noticed, is its taking a while to load.
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    Web pages load pretty slowly. However, rest of the things are very impressive.
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      Nice site, but slow to load. Maybe the background image is very big, you could reduce the quality of this image so it will load faster. Also you could change the background url properties in the CSS file so that the inner sheet scroll and the background image stays fixed. You then could reduce the height of the background and site should load faster.
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    I'm viewing in the latest version of Firefox on a 16:9 15.5" laptop screen and the background image is repeated on the right which looks slightly odd.

    I'd probably make the background image wider (if you've cut it down) and make sure there is no-repeat css property on the background image. Also might reduce the quality slightly to make the load time faster.

    Other than that great job and great looking site!
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    no there is no problem in website.

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    Slow to load, but nice looking.
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    Here are some things:
    1. for sure favicon
    2. Way slow loading means you'll lose them from the beginning. Try using a cache plugin for wordpress will help a lot. Or change hosting if it persists.
    3. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer definitely are not up to par I recommend that you beef those up.
    4. You need to setup canonical urls in your htaccess file meaning that you basically have two versions of the site happening Best Family Holiday Accommodation and Vacations and pick one or the other and us your htaccess to fix that.
    5. Need a sitemap.xml file for the search engines
    6. Robot.txt is needed as well

    Hope these help,
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    If we talk about design only (not about coding or whatever) here's what I'd do:
    - all the top part should be sitewide (so it's fullscreen)
    - this whole header includes the nav bar, the slideshow and the form
    - the background of the header should be the background of the site that it's on there now (the island or whatever you have there)
    - under the header you should have a section for the "Today's Top Family....."
    - under that you should have some text as you already have but better organized.

    The site looks good but IMO it's not the best user experience possible.

    Hope it helps.
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    Halllo !

    From Design view point, things are good, but from HTML code view point some things are very bad for search engines.

    1. You have 3 H1 tags, which is not good for SE.
    2. Some of your images HAS NO alt tags.
    3. Also you need to add some statistics...

    I hope that, this would help...
    Good luck
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  • It looks great but if the guy wants some kind of improvement, I suggest that you make a cool looking footer, instead of keeping it plain the way it is? I think it looks clean, professional, and modern the way it is!
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    Nice and clean!
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      it's clean and neat. you better check the title tags on your blog section though. adding | in between the website title and post title is a good seo practice.
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    My recommendation:

    Make it so that the background image doesn't scroll with the rest of the page.

    Otherwise it looks pretty good.
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    Yeah, the loading time is kinda long...
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    Lot has been said about the design of the site, I'll will suggest you to improve the SEO factors of the site..
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    Hi Andre,

    Here is my two cent as design suggestion:
    You can change the background gradient of "latest article", "featured hotel" boxes with a more neat looking one.

    Secondly, maybe you can use the space above the search form.

    Lastly, you can use some visual elements (like a "stripe" that comes from back of the page instead of the shadow which is separating your footer boxes from above content) to enrich your white-space, of course without bloating the page.
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      Fast loading page for me - I'm using Firefox 5

      For banner area on flights and hotels pages - Magellans has an affiliate program.
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    well there is no problem with loading everything is fine. Design is Well good and Flash and ads are used in proper way Background you chosen is Excellent.

    Really appreciated with your hard work you have taken for designing such lovely website.
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    you are wasting a lot of real estate on the top right side. think of something useful to put there as it is something people see most frequent / the first thing people see.
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    oops. forgot to mention, great website though!
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    The site looks great, the only thing i notice is that it fails to validate via the W3C html validator 25 Errors, 38 warning(s)

    Quickly scanning through the issues, they are simple fixes to implement.
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      Your site actually loaded fast for me over wi-fi. I don't think there is enough information immediately viewable from your home page describing what your site is about. all it says is 'traveling with kids'
      Is it a site that gives 'Tips for traveling with your kids'?
      Do you provide 'The best rates on airline tickets and motels for families traveling with kids'?
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    It seems a bit odd to me that there are two different style search buttons. I would suggest to keep them in one style. Hope this helps
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    Your web-site looks great but I took a look about the site's speed.

    - Pingdom test ( was disappointing as the load time was 19.6 seconds.

    Total loading time:19.6 seconds - Total objects:63 (1036 KB) - External objects:12 (323.6 KB) - (X)HTML:3 (59.7KB) - RSS/XML:0 CSS:6 (154.8KB) - Scripts:6 (272.6KB) - Images:48 (548.9KB)

    If you see carefully the above data, it is easy to find how to improve your web-site's speed.

    You can also use the google tool at: in order to take more advices.
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