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On my WP site 2 of my pages are showing a 300x250 Banner on the left side of the page. On 2 more different pages the correct banner of 120x600 (Banner 1) are being displayed.

How do I get rid of the 300x250 banner displays on banner 1?

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    I checked your website and couldn't find a page that showing a 300x250 banner on the left side. However, after locating the code pieces that adding the banner, you can remove it via WordPress's theme editor.

    Maybe I can give you a point shoot if you give the problematic page's URLs.
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      LOL I checked everything for two hour's trying to fix the error and I see now it fixed itself

      Thanx for the reply
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    Good to hear that. That's the best thing (fixing itself) that happens after wrestling something for hours. =)
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    People say that Wordpress is limited as a CMS and that there r certain things that Wordpress cannot do like robust e commerce and Lead Generation etc. Is this correct ?

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    E-commerce solutions have developed to include core functionality for navigation, shopping cart, checkout, shipping and handling, as well as taxes and some level of integrating to an OMS or an ERPS.
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    If we are visitors encounter an error, why not be a cooperative WordPress site administrator as well as present them with a message more useful than "NOT FOUND".
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