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We're in the middle of building an entirely new design for our website and I was hoping to get some feedback.

It's still got a bit of work to go before it's ready, but I think it's coming along quite nicely.

One specific thing I would like feedback on: Under the Web Hosting Services section it lists our 3 main products. What we're having trouble with is the 'click here for details' buttons. They don't look too good. I was thinking of some kind of image instead, but I'm not sure what would work with this design.

And before anybody asks, the content space is 1000px wide. It doesn't look very wide in this picture because it's a very long image.

Here's the new design mockup:

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    Looks good, lots of text tho.

    I think The buttons look fine, you should position them so that they are all on the same lvl.

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    Don't mind...
    looks flat, dull and boring...
    Use more images and some Jquery effects.


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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      I think you need to jazz it up a bit. I have some hosting with They have redone their homepage. Not sure how long ago but I was suprised when I visited it recently. Very dynamic and eyecatching.

      MDDHosting - Professional Hosting Solutions

      I think people tend to be a bit lazy at first with regard to text. Keep it at a minimum I think is better. You can always provide other pages with more info but the homepage needs to be professional looking and slick, especially for hosting.
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    Some suggestions.

    1. Eliminate much of the text. Keep your important keywords in the headings. I wouldn't go over 500 words total on the home page and even taking it down to 300 or so wouldn't be bad.
    2. Include a call to action
    3. Make the blog post just the title and excerpt
    4. Keep your most important information above the fold. You need to catch their attention first then hope they will scroll and navigate to more pages.
    5. Under web hosting services make all three columns the same amount of text so your "check here for details" buttons are all level
    6. Logo in the header would be nice

    Good job though just needs some refining! Good luck!

    Elizabeth Crane

    “If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.” ~ Mario Andretti

    Web Designers Las Vegas

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    I would agree on the too much text. A homepage should be more like a magazine cover, giving tidbits of what is inside.
    People looking for web hosting are looking for key features. Price, services, solutions, guarantees, ease of use, etc...
    Take a look at and study the leaders such as GD and HostGator. Those designs are not made on the fly, but from research and testing.
    Short and to the point, with details on the inside.

    Good luck!

    yes, I am....

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    Keep the page short and its too texty.. On the FEATURED HEADLINE you might want to move it to the HEADING ONE space.. ABOUT US/POLICIES -i suggest
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    Click here for details buttons look okay and goes in with the theme
    Positioning of the buttons (ie) align it properly
    Font size of client login and support is too big

    All others fine!!
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      We are going to add a few more images yes, and the homepage won't have the blog post at the bottom of it which will remove a great deal of text. It's in the mockup because we wanted to see how a blog post would look without having to create a separate page to test.

      It seems like everybody that has replied has said there is too much text on the page and not enough graphics/rich media. That's certainly true and something we're going to investigate.

      Thanks for the great feedback everybody
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    I agree with the others above, too much text. Colors are dull too.
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    It really depends on what type of business you are trying to convey. Your current design to my eye looks very "professional"... To me I would make the assumption just by looking at it that it might cost more then a more "light-hearted" or "very picture heavy" type design. This could be a positive or a negative, depending on the type of audience you are looking to pull in with your advertising campaign.

    Either way, more pictures will certainly do you well. I like the design, the colors are not "too dull", but they do give a different impression then other types of color schemes highlighted by members above.

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