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Can anyone tell me how i can make it that when someone clicks the a picture it will bring up outlook or other with my email address in it.

I am using dreamweaver 8
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    You need to use a mailto link.

    I haven't been a member long enough to post a link (the forum stops me) but if you search Google for w3schools, go to their website and then search for mailto you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Here you have the example for what jameskenton pointed out:

    Tryit Editor v1.4

    You just have to insert the picture (with an <img...> tag) between the two <a> </a> tags. You can play with the example in the link above.

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      If you need to use a server side mail script or you run the risk of your psge being hijacked by spamers.
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    try a mailto link
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    HTML Code:
    <a href=" again"><img src="Your_Image_Adress"/></a>
    Lets Try
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      you should not use a mailto link it i s highly vulnerable to spammrs it is possible for people o hijack your mailto link and use it to spam. for this reason you need to use a serverside mail script
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