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Review my blog and give your suggestion about it.

And my blog link is

Models talk | Latest Fashion Trends | Fashion Dresses | Celebrities Fashion Accessories | Fashion models
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    It looks good however the top navigation bar is too wide. Reduce the paddings in between the words so that it fits the width of the body content.

    Also, since it is fashion, you might want display the content in gallery format (View more at a go) instead of blog style.
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    Looks good, like the design.

    The one thing I would change is the amount of posts displayed on the front page. It takes a good while to load all the posts. Why not limit it to 6 posts and then have multiple sites, or why not add in a ...[Read More] button.

    Apart from that I think it's time you get your own domain.
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    If it's fashion blog, I would use different font, more stylish on navigation and blog title. Cna use google fonts, no need to worry about hosting font yourself and there is a great selection of font styles.
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    Hey ramsarvan, I love the blog mate its awesome, the layout is spot on and beautiful - it all works very well.

    The only critism I can give is the font of the blog title, IMHO I think you need to make it look sharper. Perhaps a little bolder - that's my honest opinion anyway, otherwise it sweet, nice work

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    I like the design you've got, as far as layout and segmented ideas, but I think your colors may not really fit with the crowd you're after. If this was a blog on gears of war or something you hit the nail on the head, but the colors don't say modeling to me.

    Also, the famous models thing would drive me absolutely insane.
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    I know you have limitations with this being a blogspot hosted blog, but I’d look into ways to change the header. Put together a series of some of your favorite runway shots or montage of the models highlighted on your blog and have that as your header. This blog is about fashion models, it should look fashionable too right up top.

    I actually don’t mind the blog style as is. You’ve got lots of photos which is a definite must for this topic. Just be really mindful of keeping the pics optimized. It can be so tempting to just toss them up for visual interest & not think about web optimization but it’ll really kill you later on down the road if they start bogging down your site. Some of the pages lag as is.

    Your “famous models” graphic on the right only links to one post. For all the attention it garners, I’d think you’d have more posts about each of the highlighted models. Also, the navigation at the top – the content in each categories doesn’t seem as tight as it could be, especially since the same stuff feeds into your main blog page. I’d make a more concerted effort to write posts specifically targeted for those main navigation menus if you plan to keep them as they are. Your blog will be more enjoyable that way rather than just writing about whatever strikes your fancy & assigning the closest tag to it, even if it isn’t 100% relevant. Maybe 1x or 2x a month focus on writing a post specifically for each category & then anything else can fall under your main feed.
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      If it is possible to make a few different pages, rather then keeping everything on the same page, this would help you out. People viewing this on dial-up will immediately find something better to look at because the images take for ever to load.

      Photograph repairs, online computer help and simple site design. http://robinsden.com

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        Originally Posted by robinsden View Post

        If it is possible to make a few different pages, rather then keeping everything on the same page, this would help you out. People viewing this on dial-up will immediately find something better to look at because the images take for ever to load.
        The average internet user does not use dial-up anymore. I'm sorry, but if accounted for more than 10% of the entire internet community I would be ABSOLUTELY shocked. Beyond that, the people using dial-up probably aren't your customer base anyways. Why worry about making something accessible to a customer base that won't convert and realistically doesn't exist.

        You should be aiming however to have your site load up in around 1 - 2 seconds with a 10mbs connection. Anything more than that and you're running realllllllly slow, which will negatively affect conversions, bounce rate, and user experience.
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    I can say only one word superb. I like your site very much.
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    The post date needs a bit more padding on the top and the post count needs more padding on the left. Other than that great design.
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    Nice blog! However, I am wondering if you could
    1. Make few changes like the background. Since its a fashion blog so a black background doesn't suits the theme/niche of the blog, I prefer adding more colors but can't suggest which all one.
    2. Remove the stretched navigation bar from left and right as it is of no use and change the font of Fashion Models Tag.
    3. Allow just two to three post to appear in a page rather than almost all appearing in a single first page as it hamper's the look
    4. Also, why don't get a personal domain, that would work better for you.
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    My compliments, like the design, all the best!

    Regards, Vukan.
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    Very nice work ,good start mate - You must carry on and improve your work .Keep it up
    Good luck
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