Is this possible just by using a plugin? Content slider below the navigation bar!

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Can this be achieved by using a plugin? If so, which plugin would be my best choice?

I want to add a full width content slider below the navigation menu. Here is the theme which I'd like to insert a full width content slider below the navigation menu and above the featured articles area.

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Can this be achieved by using a plugin? I know customizing the php code would probably do the job for me but I am not the best php programmer so I'm trying to find out if this would be possible just by using a plugin.

Thank you.
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    You might be able to do this within Wordpress depending on the theme, as some themes allow for detailed modifications. If you can't find a theme that will allow you to do this, then it's an easy fix in the code.
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    @chaos33 what type of content does your slider need to display?

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    Thanks for your comments. Sorry for the delay, I forgot to subscribe to the thread so didn't realize you responded

    @mgreener what would that easy code fix be? is there a resource where I can get some support from?

    @ WordPressurize I'd like to have a video and a graphical opt-in box in the slider, but I'd assume that would need advance coding. Therefore, I'm good with having pictures in the slider which when you click on one it'll take people to a specific page or post.

    Thank you.
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