How HTML5 good for seo?

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I want to create a website using html5. But I do not know how is html5 with seo?.
anyone can help me please?
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    From what it seems to me, you're not very experienced building websites.

    Unless you understand the basics of html, and the basics of seo, I wouldn't worry and just code websites to get started, get some experience and get used to it.

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    HTML 5 is having many new semantic elements like microdata tags which will optimize any website (especially sites which uses heavy flash elements )and makes it a favorable bet for the search engine bots to easily parse and index your site so that it will come up in the search results.

    HTML 5 also renders usability, design flexibility and strong markups . And all these factors will indirectly help in increasing your site rankings. Anyway, whether you go by HTML 4 or 5, It doesn’t matter most if you have a well optimized website with quality back links and have achieved the SEO target.
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    you need optimization tile, url, meta, description, keywords. good job
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    In my opinion yes, but only if you are technically savvy enought to understand the differences between good HTML5 and poorly coded, in other words no so SEO friendly. I don't know if much research has been done about the HTML5's structure for SEO, but in time more info will come.
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    HTML5 is nice from seo perspective.It allows Audio and video streaming which helps to interact with the users.Beside this it have improved Page segmentation, Header and footer Tag which could be used to place the keywords, Nav tag for smooth navigation thus making your website Search engine Friendly.

    If you have decided to design your website ion HTML5, you can go ahead with it, while if you're planning for some SEO friendly website than I think you should opt for opensource like drupal.
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    Don't get too excited about any potential SEO benefits to using new semantic tags in HTML5. In fact a website built with HTML tables that has relevant content and quality backlinks will easily outrank any site structured with HTML5 semantics that has poor content and few backlinks.
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    Well, thank u for your answare and advice my friends. I love this forum very much.
    Now, I'm still using blogspot which redirected to domain..
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    HTML 5 is gud for SEO coz it got good metatags and keywords which is searched by google at top PR websites also. Easy to understand easy to implement.
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  • Goog likes sites that are mobile ready. Easy to build a site that scales from large screen to small using html5.

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    HTML5 is very good for seo because it comes with various features to improve the seo.
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    learn the basic html first before the html5 and seo thing...
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    html5 has no bearing on rankings or how its read by search engines, html 5 sites and hml 4 sites have the same chance as each ranking just high all depending on how design your page and keywords etc
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    the new tags follow the common structure of a standard page and each of the parts (i.e. header, footer, main section) has a separate tag. The tags we described here, are just some (but certainly not all) of the new tags in HTML 5, which will affect SEO in some way. For instance, <audio>, <video> or <dialogue> tags are also part of the HTML 5 standard and they will allow to further separate the content into the adequate categories. There are many other tags but they are of relatively lower importance and that is why they are not discussed.
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    yes... HTML 5 are great for your SEO, but building with them can be difficult with non standards browsers *cough* Internet Explorer *cough* not being prepared for these new elements.
    A short list of some of the new elements to help better segregate your pages is below:

    Tags for layout segregation:

    article - the main content of the page
    aside - extra content
    figure - peripheral content with caption
    footer - the footer of the page
    header - the header of the page
    nav - the page navigation
    section - any section or portion of the page
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    seo expert must knowing the basic stage of html.Because html is important for the seo.It use the write description,meta description,keywords and title.

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    Is HTML5 Good for SEO? | Impressive Webs

    Will HTML5 Help Your Content Rank Higher?

    Using HTML5 semantic elements in your pages today will not give your content higher search engine rankings. And I would venture to guess that the semantic elements will never have an effect on page rankings. In fact, it’s almost ridiculous to think this would be the case.

    Even if there were eventually some small benefit added to Google’s ranking algorithm for the semantic tags, the difference would be so small that it probably wouldn’t matter. Although we don’t know, and probably will never know, how Google ranks pages, we do know that two of the most important factors are relevancy of content and quality backlinks. And that should never change. Trivial use of semantic tags should never affect SEO rankings, and they certainly don’t do so as of this writing.
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      Tags for layout segregation
      • article - the main content of the page
      • aside - extra content
      • figure - peripheral content with caption
      • footer - the footer of the page
      • header - the header of the page
      • nav - the page navigation
      • section - any section or portion of the page
      Tags for media segregation:
      • audio - denoting an audio stream
      • source - the video or audio source files
      • video - denoting a video stream
      Tags for DHTML, Ajax and general web application
      • canvas - a place to draw dynamic graphics
      • command - denotes a command button that has information sent to the server or script
      • datagrid - references dynamic data in a tree form or tabular data form
      • datalist - references a list of data in a drop-down list
      • details - provides additional details of a page element, like pop-up help text
      • output - references the output of a script or calculation
      • progress - represents a progress bar in the completion of a process
      with using the newer tag we can do seo easily .these tags help to improve the PR(page Rank) of website.
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    You should also keep in mind that HTML5 is not still supported by all the browser. People are still using older browsers and I think it's still early to use HTML5.
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