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We are developing a new design for our website and I was hoping some of you online marketing gurus could provide some feedback on the current mockup. Our main goal for the site is to push contact for either repair service or a home service agreement.

Please review and let me know what you think as far as what should be removed or added to better facilitate our goal. Any and all feedback is appreciated but I'd really appreciate suggestions for improvement on areas of criticism and an explanation of why.

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    I do myself run few ecommerce websites, I personally like your design, it is simple but the main thing is that all the information is at right places and easy to find and navigate.
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    Overall, the layout fits the purpose well. Some things I'd like to point out:

    I assume the fold will be somewhere below the video.

    To me, that part above the fold looks a bit too nervous, to many different font sizes etc - my eyes have to jump around too much.

    The box on the right hand side makes it even worse. I would try to put the contents somewhere else, and add a simple lead capture form there.

    I also find the text below to heading too close to that box.

    What I would do:

    - make the "wide" text part a bit narrower, so that there's more spacing between it and the box

    - I'd try to make clearer "sections" by putting the vid in it's own "line", maybe centered, and putting everything from "No fuss..." BELOW that video.

    just my .02

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    Overall very nice design
    as the other poster said it can be improved by tweaking it

    IMO there is a LOT of information on the page
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    The design look's great and awesome however the one on top like No Fus.. No muss the sentence there below is way touching in the right you should give it a head room for it a little bit more.
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    Besides the too many font types/sizes, I like it. It does have good content filled with keywords for your SEO.
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    Nice design and images are well placed. Your website is filled and looks good and I think google will love your website more if you add a sitemap. Sitemap is missing and other than that.. everything looks perfect. Highlight your keyword in h1 tag and use limited h1 and also minimize the loading time. Good website.

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    I think it looks good! The red color against the white looks professional
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