Which wordpress theme does this ?

by Stoc
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I need a theme for a review site i'm thinking of making.

The theme needs to show the last 10 ( or any number doesn't matter ) post made by me. But only 4-6 lines and an thumbnail image on the side or the product/website etc i'm reviewing.

something along the line of geek dot com ( can't post links yet ) but I want mine to look nicer

Do all themes do this you just need to play around with the settings ? or is there something else I need to do / know.

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    You can achieve this in most any theme by adjusting the homepage and/or category pages to show a certain number of posts. You can also add the (more) tag to where you would like the content to cut off in the preview.
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    umm a more tag.. didn't know that.. do i just put [more] in like that ?
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    oh i just seen how to do it after posting this.

    need to figure out how to have the thumbnail on the side tho.
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    oh i figured that out as well i'm getting good at this lol.

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    If you want free theme, then search on google with the term "free review wordpress theme".

    You will get lots of review theme and choose any from those.
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