I would like to start a web design business

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I would like to start a web design business but should i focus on mobile site design? I am alot better at mobile site design. Also, how much should i charge?
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    You should research companies who provide quality on the same level as yours, and price accordingly. Starting with a single specific service, like mobile web design, may be a good start. Once you gain some clients you can dig into other services.
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    Hello kitsonchen, it is really great to hear about your achievement, and unless to say that Web Design business is superb today. I wish your best success with your Business.

    Thanks Indeed
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  • Pricing out web design is very case specific.

    Ask your potential client to fill out your questionnaire (you should have one) so you know the scope of work.

    Then price accordingly based on how long you think it will take you to finish the project.

    If you're still unsure, email a couple of local design companies and ask for a quote using your spec sheet.

    Best of luck!
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    You should charge how much you think your work is worth, but don't charge too much. I suggest starting off low just to build your credibility.
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    maybe do a website that sells website designs for mobile phones
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    Getting offline Clients or online Clients? Post your job at freelance sites or here at Warriors. Offer a few designs FREE in exchange for testimonials. Form strategic alliance with Design companies because if yours a "one-man-show" you got no time to look for business and do designs at the same time or vice versa... Whichever, I wish you the best in your new venture
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    Sitepoint is also a good place to get your start.

    I believe you can make more from offline clients, though.

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    Learn Basics regarding web developments prepare some websites and show ur work in a presentation to some quality peoples and you can then hire them and have to spend some cost too over their training.
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    What ever you decide to do make sure you get them to agree to a design and what they want exactly, example if they say 5 pages with this text and these images on then do it to that but tell them anything over that will cost extra.

    You would not believe how many hours you can waste after you think its finished with a customer saying can you just change this and can you do this and can you do that ?

    You can seriously loss money with changes they want doing and they think they dont have to pay extra.

    Hope that helps
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    Make some templates and sell them on themeforest.net. This way, you can build up a nice portfolio to show prospective clients.
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    Make sure you know what you're doing, then practice practice practice.
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    look at your competitors charge less
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    I think you should start with offline businesses and try putting your services on Odesk that I use to outsource.
    Good luck, I'm sure you will do well

    Vic Alexander

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      Originally Posted by zon3d View Post

      Make sure you know what you're doing, then practice practice practice.
      This is the best advice in the entire thread.

      Originally Posted by TecPay View Post

      look at your competitors charge less
      This is the worst advice in the entire thread, unless of course you want to be making $2/hour.

      I would suggest you network with some web designers "off" of this forum.
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  • First create blog on website design services and publish it.
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    You might volunteer your services for small businesses or non-profits that don't have a website then you can add them to your portfolio.
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    Do whatever you're best at.
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      You can start by creating your own website which would teach you a number of things and by dealing with these problems you can design a website that would be attractive and would provide a proof of your abilities to your future clients. You can also experiment with your website and can determine what is legal and what is not acceptable in web designing. You should also do some research and charge less than established competitors so that you can get business.
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    Find established web design companies that do not offer mobile designs and offer to white label your services to them. Spread the word about your services on the social networks.

    Roger Weavers
    SEO Specialist & Affiliate Marketer
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      If you are starting a web design business, then you must have the knowledge of online business because it is ultimately related to the Internet world. Then you should have a domain account to start the same.
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    If you are better at mobile design I would stick with what you know. Have an hourly rate in your head that you think you are worth and try to work out how long you think I project will take to give a costing.
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    To start a web design business is a nice thing but one must have a adequate knowledge & skills of it. The person must have enough money & should be updated about the latest softwares. I hope you understood the thing & will also agree me regarding this.
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