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Hello Everyone,
I'll be grateful if I can find a solution to this problem. I'm not sure of the script or 3rd party resource to use to achieve these.

First Part

1.Staff should be able to login
2.Staff should be able to chat among themselves
3.Staff should be able to send files among themselves
4.Each staff login details must be their identification number so that if a staff is sacked or retires or is retrenched, he/she will not have access to the details again.

Second Part

5.Their customers should be able to make payment online. Once they do, they should be redirected to a secure area where they can access their electricity billing credits.
Thanks in advance
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    Hmm. If I had this project I would use Joomla... which I pretty much use for every project.

    I would then use a membership extension and place Staff in one usergroup and Customers in another, with different access levels. (ie: staff can see the chat boxes & customers can see the electricity billing credits). For the Chat you can use an extension for Joomla (Chat - Joomla! Extensions Directory) and for the 'Credit' system I am not sure if I understand this properly. But I am assuming they can just purchase and view their credits, and the company will subtract from them? For that I would use a Joomla component that is meant for selling credits in order for the customer to Post articles, etc. and modify this so it is just a 'credit buy' system. And in the backend the admin will be able to reduce the credits as they please.

    This is how I would go about this system, as I do most of my projects. When you are doing something as custom as you are, you need to take scripts that perform something similiar and modify them to make them work for your case. OR, just build it from scratch, which would take a lot longer.
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    Thank you very much mcflause for your kind reply. It was full of helpful tips that really got me thinking. I was thinking of something very complex, but I did not know joomla could do it. I don't really like joomla because of much security issues back then when I was using it.

    I now do everything in wordpress. From what you said, if joomla can do it, then wordpress can do it too. I think my next question should be what wordpress plugins can do these? Thanks a lot.
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    I think that trying to make a complex site like this on a blogging platform such as wordpress would be very hard! The problem with wordpress is that is tries to 'dumb things down' too much and in the process removes a lot of the features that 'power users' need. BUT that is just my opinion..

    Obviously I am very biased towards Joomla!

    Good luck with your project!
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      i think you are right. What i want is rather complex
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    welll... it can be devided into 2 systems.

    1. internal system (many free or paid script for that)
    2. external system to communicate with cutomers (easy one, wordpress, joomla, opencart, etc)

    let me know if u need more info regarding this.
    God bless us all!
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    What you are describing sounds a lot like a Microsoft Sharepoint network which would be built on a Microsoft network.
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    I think Microsoft Sharepoint network is the ultimate solution for your work.
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    If you are okay with 3rd party solutions and don't need to customize things, you could look into BaseCamp and CampFire from 37 Signals:

    Project management software, online collaboration: Basecamp

    Sharepoint will have what you need too and there are plenty of hosted solutions for that. I personally think Sharepoint is overprices and clunky... but check out other "project management" solutions.
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    And then there is Drupal:

    1) A core feature
    2) Several contrib modules add this feature
    3) A core feature to upload files and then the user shares the link
    4) Could be controlled via the corporate email account. The account can be "blocked" so that it cannot be used again.
    5) Probably requires some customization but there are several ecommerce contrib modules as well.

    PM me if you wish.
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    Really Joomla can do this but for some purpose you might need some third party online applications like online payment coz it should be safe and accurate. For chat and file sharing drupal is also a good option but joomla will be perfect else if you need third party web applications then go for ftp accounts or dropbox.
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