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I just completed designing one of my client's website which is The Android Country - Android Rooting Made Easy . Please review the design speed and everything that you like and you don't like.

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  • Hey Vikas-

    You need to fix
    * FAQ
    * Contact Us
    * Disclaimer

    and take care of the meta tags section:


    not found at ur website..

    hope it will help you ..
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    Like your fonts color.. Actually I like dark(deep) green..
    Allover your site is clean and fast.. Nice..
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    In general, I like the design very much. I'm curious though - what's the purpose of the Alexa widget in the sidebar?
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    I really like your website design from color to his articles but a little weird looking icon home alone without his friends kind of like contact us or share it and too many buttons, why not make a small icon just replace it'll look simple
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    -add something better looking at Header (not just boring text)
    -Just Home? at top nav?

    Good start, like the colors 6.5/10
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    make some fun background, more colors
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    im to fan of android like the design of the website background is little dull need to make it attractive
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    Android OS have a lot colors and nice backgrounds. So I think you should put some of these. On the other hand, your design is very clean.
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    Looks good,,is this built on Genesis theme

    __________________________________________________ _____
    Google Glass
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    it looks like the website is not fully prepared coz the links are micmathing and fonts colour size you have to adjust along with the template which is completely designed on wordpress it redirects to wordpress community lick down below the footer.

    One major probs i faced with ur domain name of website is "thedroidcountry" and u missed the a which i completely expecting.
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    hi,i like the colour,and design nice....
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    Very nice color scheme. I would focus on more details though that is what will make the site stand out more.
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    I like everything but the header. It doesn't seem to flow in very well with the dotted background that the actual background has. Otherwise, it's a very nice and clean design that really caught my attention.
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    I designed my site from scratch. This was my first attempt and I had no previous experience. One thing I'm missing is a 301 redirect. Don't quite know how to implement one effectively. Any suggestions? My sites are real estate based marketing Bronx Homes and Westchester Homes.
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    The site is good,clean and professional,,nice concept..But i did not find any inner page..so if you want you may add some inner pages to it.
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    very nice site
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    The main nab could use some design love...everything else looks pretty good.
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    Your website has some nice features but you can add some more things for making website more attractive. Excellent part is your font color selection.
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    I think you should change the Header font, also you can change the font color.
    And the background image is so simple,
    It is a beautiful website you made.
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    You should use at lease About us, FAQ and Contact us page for looking professional site. Where is your site logo? I think you should use slide show in the top portion of the page. By the way, your design in good and color combination is also good. I like it.
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    Really needs some color or something to grab some attention. This is the kind of site I hit the back button on.

    You need a logo as well. The plain lettering across the top should not be considered your logo.

    This subject can be customized so well. Its paid work, and I just don't see much value to the site at all. I wouldn't pay for it, but that is just me. It is all about the client though, and if he is satisfied then great.

    I sure hope you didn't overcharge though!

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    Page is down currently. It timed out. Maybe your updating a revision? Let me know if you still need help. Thanks.
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    The design gives quiet a corporate look, great work (Y)
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    i love the color scheme you used in your design . it simply rock your design and more creative ..!!
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    Nice website and good content. Wordpress is a great platform.
    -You can move the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the website
    -For About Us you can find a better place
    -You can also use a favicon and a logo...it will be nice for this kind of website
    -Don't use the Search option in the menu...find a better place under the menu,sidebar or even header
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    I like all over but color combination more.

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  • I like the design, only suggestion I would make is more color. It looked nearly black and white on my iPad.
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    Not bad but a bit boring, add a header or a logo instead of the top text.
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      The design looks clean but a bit boring. Try adding a bit more color to it and add a header image or something.

      Justifying your articles will also help make it look more professional.
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    Looks good to me. Nice color scheme, it's easy on the eyes.
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    I like your design because it's just simple which is very important..
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    Looks simple and clear... overall I like
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    Really immaculate design, really like this, because it excellent..
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    When it comes to developing sites then there are some basic principles that you need to get right to create your web page not only take a position out from the audience but actually outcome in it providing in revenue.
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    If you make simple and appealing design then definitely, you get leads
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    I think its good enough to mention it as a professional site. You have good alexa rank and google indexing page number, but i don't understand that why has the site no PR? good job.
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  • SEO factors are ok and you have a good Alexa rank. You must add more topics to your menus.Its look lonely.
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      That's not designing. That's modifying an existing theme. Just saying.
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        Just scanned your responses.

        Looks like your site is a hit with the anchor text link droppers...
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    This is a good start!

    As have been mentioned above for more of a professional look you should do the following:
    1. created a custom logo
    2. add about us
    3. FAQ
    4. Contact us page
    5. A call to action
    6. A form to capture your visitors name and email address

    These are just a few things that i would recommend.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Profile picture of the author creativeweb
    Its good and precise.Please try to update the information given on each headings.Try to add more headlines.ok i have another suggestion.Your site seem to look like the same ones which we always see ,try to make a change in the design.and the rest is good and fine.

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    I think you need to focus more on content rather than design. also you need to ask a poll ask from your visitors to the blog. they will give you more about what they like about your site and what they don't like,.
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    Your site is slow to load.
    I can't open your site. Please fix it up.
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    HI vikas,
    I like your web sites. your selection of color is very nice .but like dark color
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    I suggest adding styles to menu, put a gallery, slider or something, never leave empty spaces, and balance each sides of layout,

    Nevertheless, the theme looks clean and good.
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    Your site is good looking and I like your site. But on thing is that you add more pages in top menu with home in which you can easily keep your all mobile photos and details separately on each pages.
    best Regards!
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