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Wondering if Google still Love WordPress Sites?

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    With this most recent algorithm update, nearly all of my wordpress sites moved up the ranks.

    The love is still there

    It's all about the money...

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    G. never "loved" WordPress sites - that's an urban legend...

    G. loves fresh, updated content and most blogs provide just that: new posts on a more or less regular interval.

    But, honestly, G. doesn't give a sh*t about what blogging script you are using.

    p.s. Don't tell me what you heard here and there... if you want to argue give me facts. Hard facts: statistics, traffic, conversion etc.

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    yea... i believe that G love fresh, usefull and unique content...
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    I believe the WordPress sites are fine with Google...I have one site actually making more money now.
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    Google has no problems with Wordpress. I've been using Wordpress, and I still am. Everything looks fine. What matters most to google is the content.
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    Google will like anything with good unique content. In my option WordPress just makes it easy to do that with easy changes and being able to add content in a second.
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    Google loves fresh unique content, thats it, it doesnt care if your site is wordpress or joomla or plain html.
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    Google loves daily updated and fresh content.my site also in WP.
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    As if Google has a preference on CMS Google never has and never will value websites based on their framework. First of all it always comes down to your backlinks, then your content, then how tidy your code is, which would be the theme you are using.
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