Why put UK in the source code?

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Hi, I am trying to learn by looking at a competitors website.

I am no techno nerd. (yet)

It is an Australian site aimed at the Australian market with a com.au domain.

It has in its source code this,
<meta name="country" content="UK" />

Is that referring to British English?
Why is it in there?
Note, the site appears to be made by a London (UK) based website design company. the owner of the Australian company, (well at least the majority share holder I believe) is London based.

I am thinking, this may just be an over site. Any ideas?

Thanks from a 'wanna be techno dude' who is falling short !!!
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    The country code is used for search engines, to tell them the country that uses it as an official language, and the targeted users.
    You can find more details looking on the net for "html meta tag country".
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    Its geo location meta and used for site information. But i believe Google generally do not use the language and country meta tag in their algorithm.
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    Thanks for the replies, so it really should be Australia or its abbreviation correct?

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    Then I have to use a .no domain, and not a .com domain for my websites in Norway?
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      Originally Posted by dinnap View Post

      Then I have to use a .no domain, and not a .com domain for my websites in Norway?
      It's an advantage to use a country specific domain name if you can...

      You can use a .com but remember to sign up for Google Webmaster and set the preferred country for the website...

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