Has anyone designed drunk?

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Hey all,

I was reading about some great authors who have been completely smashed when writing, and produced some great work. So, I was just curious if any of you have designed (or presently design) websites while you were drunk. I imagine for some it might help unlock creative inhibitions and, for others, probably not. Looking forward to seeing your responses.
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    Haha, I think that would be extremely irresponsible. Designing with a computer takes a lot of concentration, or so I suspect. It's not impossible of course, but it would slow things down for sure. A drink or two would not be bad, if you can tolerate it, but if you're charging by the hour you're not doing your clients a favor.
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    lol.... never work with such behaviour... i guess it will wasted my time...
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    I think you should try it yourself...

    Do a design, then get drunk and look at it again, then when youv'e pulled it appart in the drunk state see if looks the same when soba, make changes then get drunk again and look again..

    Repeat the proccess untill your happy.. ( or run out of money..lost your job.. ) but at least you would have some fun doing it..

    On the other hand get a drunk to look at for you as they would not hold back i dont think.. ( save your mony and your job).

    Give everyone a chance

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  • May give it a try. :-)
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    i don't like working when i'm drunk. don't even offer for anybody else working while drunk. if you drunk and you produce a good work, you just lucky ******* i think.
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    I do some of my best work when I'm sauced. It's one of the things I miss most about working in an agency environment.

    At least I've still got freelance work, but the booze isn't free.
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    I work from home so there have been times when I've gone out for lunch and drank a little too much then came back to work. It mostly just slows things down but it also makes me extra careful because I always think I'm messing up. I don't recommend it but I think as long as you check your work again sober then it's not the end of the world.
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    I came up with some great concepts when I was drunk so yeah I know it haha
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      No, Never & I also not think about that...........
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