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I need a good caching plugin. I keep on installing the wrong ones.
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    wp cache? they're the best one i think.
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    super cache or W3 total cache ... but be careful with either of them. If your site is plug-in heavy they can cause ut oh's! ... the bad kind. My advice is to install it and leave the default settings in place ... it's usually when a person goes in adjusting the settings that bad things start happening.

    good luck.
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      Yeah try WP Super Cache and just tick the check boxes that says recommended on the description. The gzip compression is not checked by default but you may want to try it if your web host supports it otherwise you get a page full of random symbols if they don't.
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    Another shout for W3 Total Cache.

    It is a bit fiddly to set up but you should ask your hosting provider to recommend the settings to use because they can be affected by the many different server configurations that exist.

    I use Hostgator and not only did they recommend W3TC they told me which config settings to go for.

    I also set out the W3TC settings in the article below, but beware: they're for sites on Hostgator!

    W3-Total-Cache: How to Set it Up | WealthyDragon


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    First of all thank you for all the replies. I also host at hostgator and they are supper with support. I'm going to try w3tc, thank you

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    I have Hostgator accounts and was previously using W3TC, but HG support they recommend WP Super Cache.

    I'd used WP Super Cache in the past, but didn't like it much due to the fact I had to keep clearing the cache to view any changes. However the recent versions are much better. I use it in conjunction with CloudFlare and it's made a huge improvement to load times.
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    Originally Posted by Jdunhin View Post

    I need a good caching plugin. I keep on installing the wrong ones.
    wp total cache is the best i think, it really reduce the requests from the server
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    +1 for W3 Total Cache.
    Ask your host, they would be happy to recommend you the suitable setting for your plan because you'll help to increase their server perfomance.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    Regarding W3 Total Cache, here is a post I wrote in 2010 about boosting loading speed...


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    W3 total cache is the best one and it works well if you have CDN too
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