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Does anyone know how to remove the navbar (contact, about me, etc) on pages in wordpress?

I want it there on all my pages/posts but on my offer page (squeeze) i do not want it to be visible....

Can someone help with this please?

I want it on these pages www.johnbanksblog.com
I do not want it on this page www.johnbanksblog.com/mega-free-offer

Thanks Warriors!
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    Yeah - probably should. Just thought i'd try on here first........
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    There are any number of ways to accomplish this, but perhaps the most straightforward would be to create a custom page template, for use with the landing page, and if you later create additional landing pages, you can use this template for them as well.

    The following is a good resource to get started.
    Pages « WordPress Codex

    You can create a custom template, for example, named page_lander.php

    In that template you will either call a different header template (since the header.php likely contains the nav section you want to modify or eliminate) - you can create a modified header template, for example header_lander.php, and use the existing call for header.php in the current page template (page.php), or you could alternatively simply copy all of the code from header.php into the new page_lander.php template, taking care to omit the navigation code that you want to eliminate.

    Dave Seldon
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    why don't you try to ask on wordpress support forum. I think the peoples are there, will help you about any question about wordpress . hope it'll be helpful for you..
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    It will depend on what theme you are using. Using optimizepress templates or custom templates in other themes should do the trick.

    Nate Maurice - Coach, Internet Instructor :)

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    You might find it easier if you use optimizepress or premise for your squeeze pages. (both cost money.)

    other than that some themes are easier to do this on. pagelines frame work is rather easy... and there is a free version that you can do this on. Just type in pagelines in the search field of the wordpress theme finder and you will find it.
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  • Hey you will get fast feedback from WP support just file a ticket.

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    You can't/really shouldn't use two themes on one site but you can probably build a new template in Optimize Press, save it and edit it so it works with the other theme or have somebody from fiverr edit it for you.
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    John, there are a number of easy ways to remove the menu.

    The EASIEST, assuming that you know how to edit the theme stylesheet, is to add this line at the bottom:

    .page-id-215 #access { display: none; }

    That line will remove the nav bar from view for that specific post only.

    There are of course other solutions, but they also require a little more expertise.

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      Originally Posted by SteveJohnson View Post

      The EASIEST, assuming that you know how to edit the theme stylesheet, is to add this line at the bottom:

      .page-id-215 #access { display: none; }

      That line will remove the nav bar from view for that specific post only.
      Steve is absolutely right, this is by far the easiest fix. You just need to make the small edit to the stylesheet that he showed you.

      You can either make the change through the WP backend by going to Appearance>Editor - then find Style.css in the Templates list on the right side, and click on it.

      This will display the contents of the stylesheet (style.css) in the edit window. Place your cursor at the end of all of the entries and hit Enter to create a new line, then paste in the entry Steve's provided above.

      Finally click on the Update File button below the editing window and you should be all set.

      Good luck!

      Dave Seldon

      P.S. To be 100% safe, before you make the edits noted above, it would be best for you to Select All and Copy the entire contents of the style.css as it originally appears in the Edit window, and paste the copy of the file into a text editor (Notepad is fine) on your local computer. That way, if something goes wrong after you edit the stylesheet, you will be able to re-copy the original and paste it back into the Edit window, thus erasing your changes. However this is a very simple change and if you place the extra line into the file carefully there should be no problems for you.
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