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Does anyone know any good active web design forums?
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    A simple google search will show the results you are after.

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    Warriorforum is by far the best internet marketing forum, but V7N is a great Webmaster forum that has been around awhile.
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    sitepoint is the best forum for web designers, developers and programmers. and digital point also a good one!!
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    Here are some forums I used to be active in during college:

    designerstalk - advanced topics on print and web design, whimsical replies all around
    estetica-design-forum - not so active lately, but a good place to introduce yourself into the business if you are a noobie
    v7n - web development centered
    Sitepoint and Digitalpoint also have buzzing communities of reputed members, good places to get feedback and a flow of inspiration.
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    Sitepoint, stackoverflow, Quora
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      I don't have any favorites, but just do a quick Google search and you'll find loads of them.
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    Ya know every time i see this topic header i always think of doing a basic tutorial on setting up a web page and usuallly end up deciding it's more trouble than i want to go to. So just for a quicky here goes.

    Create a folder and name it something and inside that folder make another folder and name it images. This is just so our links and paths will work. OK, now make a new Text. document and rename it index.htm. and open the document and first thing type at the top of your new document.

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.10 Transitional//EN"
    OK that is your document type declaration this tells the browser what kind of document you're sending it and what rules it follows, which standards in this case html 4.01. The next thing we tell it is that our document is starting and we do that with the opening HTML tag which is as follows...
    and the next thing we want to tell the browser is where the head section begins and that is at the start of our document so we put in the <head> tag like so...


    In the head section of our document is where we put things like meta information and the title and also the links to our CSS file so next we put in the following

    <title>Our page title</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text /css" href="site.css" />

    <meta name="description" />
    <meta name="keywords" />
    Here's a note: the link tag names a css file named site.css located in the root folder with your index.htm page.
    So next we close the head section with a closing </head> tag like so...


    Then we start the main content section with our <body> tag like so...

    Stuff that is in the head section is not visible to the visitor it s not output to the screen. things in the body section are output to the screen, the body section of our page is the visible part of our page.

    Next let's put a graphical header on our page . This is not to be confused with the "head" section of our HTML markup but instead is just the top of our page where we usually have any logo or site name. We are going to put this header in a <div> tag like so..

    Now we are going to define some of the particulars about this <div> Now a <div> is basically a container and we can define some details about this container . You'll remember that out Link tag names a css file called site.css so in the folder where we are keeping this web page we want to make a new text file and name it site.css Now open that file and type in the following...

    #header h1
    width 20%;
    border:solid 1ps #000099;

    width: 65%;
    border:solid 1ps #000099;

    OK that's enough to get you started on your CSS file and as you lookup more ways to style your page you can just add the styles to this page. so let's get back to the index.htm page and implement some of these styles . so back on our page in the <body> section let's put in our header and our sidebar and our main content area. We have defined some containers for these purposes so right after the opening <body> tag put in the opening header div and then the sidebar and main ontent we do that with <div> tags like so...

    <div id="header">
    <h1> Our websites name</h1>

    <div id="sidebar"> and then we also have to close the tag like so...
    <p>and of course between these two tags we put our sidebar stuff. </p>

    Now right after our sidebar we put our main content. again using a di tag like so...

    <div id="main">
    And of course this is where all the main content focus of our page goes. and we have to close it using the closing div tag


    Ok last but by no means not least we have to close some tags like our body tag like so...
    and also our html tag like so...


    OK now the page should run correctly.

    Now you should be able to open this index.htm file in a browser and it should run correctly and it should be able to pull all of its CSS from the site.css file. This will give you a basic webpage with the basic elements any basic page should have. For all you guys who are always asking about the best way to build a web site here it is. from here you should be able to grow and expand. build on what's here do some Googling. learn how to build list look up horizontal menu or navigation. also lookup info on css positioning and probably stuff like css float and you would do well to lookup anything on CSS fluid or dynamic layout

    Have fun.
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    Here you can find the best web design forums
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