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Hey Warriors,

So I have had some contact last Friday regarding web design for a school that needs a healthy fresh look. I am keen to know how much any of you guys have charged a school for your services before or if not a school education related if you have done any projects.

I am thinking about either adding a bit extra for continued support per year or a monthly cost for hosting but overall I would really appreciate your thoughts on an average price range.

Keep in mind schools are always on a budget, so ideally responses from designers who have worked on school /education projects I would really appreciate your views.

All The Best.
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    It depends on what your base price is, Steve. I havent done schools, but I start at $1k as a base price and then add on based on complexity and additional functionality.
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    It depends on a few things: How many pages are they looking to put up, how much content do you have or need to outsource, links, activites or third party plugins like a forum or directory of surrounding schools.

    If it's basic 4-8 page website with banners and CSS styling everywhere then I'd charge 1,300$.
    If it's more and you need to spend more time onto it by installing different plugins or adding more pages or even outsourcing different assets that are not at your disposal, I'd charge 1,500$ - 2,000$

    That's my two cents.
    Good Luck!
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    I think price is a concern with most people, but schools especially can usually find a hundred other things theyd rather spend money on than web design. ;-)

    That said, it's hard if not impossible to tell you what an appropriate price would be because we don't know the specs and what specific features they need this site to have.

    Like the prior two posters have said, I don't think I'd start below $1000 - $1500...but where it goes from there depends on what features they need, how many sections/pages will their be, will users need to be able to update themselves etc...
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    *agrees* with Steve, it shoudnt go lower than 1K or 1.5K. But yes the functionality and design work involved matters the most.
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    If you need work, price it so that you get the job. If everyone is saying 1k-2k and you come in at 750 you'll get it, build some good will and have a nice portfolio addition. When others in the community see your "byline" on the school's site you'll get plenty of work to make up for it.

    Bottom line, if you need $$$, price it like you want it.
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    Thank you guys,

    I really appreciate it. As schools are always on a budget I hope I can work something with the Head to ensure a real benefit at the price I will offer to them.

    All The Best.
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    I think people can save lots of money by designing their own websites. Don't know HTML? who cares!you don't need any! Go to NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO- and learn how simple it is. Worst part is learning the software but it only takes and hour to familiarize yourself.
    try it. its worth it.
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