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Can anyone tell me how everyone is generating the cut-out look when doing screen shots of earnings from Clickbank and paypal in their sales letters? I assume there is a Photoshop action available for these, but I cannot seem to figure out what to search for. For example

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    Use something like Photoshop etc. (Which will cost you money for a copy)

    You can also download a FREE program similar to Photoshop named GIMP which can be used for the same thing and to make designs. Great program, i use it.

    Hope this helps.

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    You prefer to do Photoshop for graphic design.

    Priyanka Nair
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    First save the screen shot as an image file - .png or .jpg, or .tif. To do this, use a screen capture program that lets you save in one of these formats. I use snag-it from Techsmith.

    In Photoshop (or in GIMP) crop the screen shot to the way you want it.

    Then in Photoshop create a new image (file-new), make the background white, and make it a little bit larger than the screen capture, because that is where you will put a drop shadow.

    Still in photoshop, have the new image open, and the cropped screen-capture image opened. Drag the screen-capture image onto the new image. Then in the layers palette click on the effects icon (the letter F) and choose drop shadow.

    Noodle with the drop shadow until you have it the way you like.

    Or do you want a torne edge like a tear sheet?

    If that is so, instead of creating a drop shadow, use the eraser and pick a rough round bristle brush for the eraser shape and have at the edges of the layer you want torn.

    I would save it still in layers, then go to image-duplicate, and once Photoshop makes the duplicate, flatten the duplicate, and save it either as a jpeg, a png, or "save for web" as a GIF.

    Use that in your webpage.


    BTW - If you don't have a screen capture software, just do an alt-printScreen to save your screen to the clipboard. Open Photoshop, click on file-new, and Photoshop will create an image the same size as you screen capture. You can crop that, and do the "drop shadow" to it.
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    Thanks everyone. Don, I appreciate your very thorough answer. I am actually quite experienced with Photoshop as I am a web developer. I just kept seeing the same exact images popping up over and over again inside of WSO sales letters and other places on the web. I mean, the exact same torn paper edges, such to imply that everyone was using the same software to create these.

    Yes, I do have the Photoshop experience to create them myself, but truthfully I am being a bit lazy and was looking for a super efficient way to accomplish the same look. Again, I presume there is a Photoshop action out there that someone created and everyone is just using the same one.

    And so my search continues....

    Thanks again everyone.
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