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When using a wordpress based website i'm wondering whats the best way to structure and display navigation

I usually create different pages then create a custom menu to display on a nav bar.

I know others create categories then a post in said category to then display as a page to the viewer.

What is the best practice and any reasons why.
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    As always, there is "best" practice that is good for everyone.

    YOUR OWN CONTENT (and its internal structure/hierarchy) should determine the structure of your navigation.

    However, keep in mind there are significant differences between WP posts and Pages (always with capital P!) - and you should not mix them ever!

    Since version 3.0 (which means since 2010) you can put in the custom menus anything: Pages, categories, posts, external links... whatever. So, the necessity of a navigation doesn't mean one must use Pages.

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    thanks for the clarification, pages it is
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      Using pages for your posts is fine, as long as you connect the relevant pages together, in a higherarchy structure. Lets say you start a page and you are going to write about "The Banana."

      If your next page is about "Banana Skins", than you link them together:

      The Banana ( parent Page)
      Banana Skins (Child Page)
      Each successive page is a child page each connected to one another.
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