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Hello to all, We have been working on re-branding for 2013 and are moving to a more 'functional' title/branding style.

We are quite set on the general Idea that we present here (name / subhead service name) but would like some feedback on the subhead

We operate a site How To Close Company | How To Close Company and the function of 'How To Close Company' has been core to our 2012 branding.

However we're concerned for accuracy and understandability if we should adapt this phrase to be more coherent, I present the following as mock-ups to our current idea's and ask if anyone is willing to pass on some advice regarding them, which is better / could improvement be made.


Please feel free to hit hard with the 'judgement' hammer as we greatly appreciate the feedback of communities such as this.

the poll relates to the numbers, If you don't wish to comment at least prod the appropriate button of the one you prefer.
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    I voted number 3 by process of elimination - the other two just don't seem grammatically correct to me.

    I'm not sure if an improvement could be made by incorporating some kind of benefit into your slogan, rather than just a statement of your service, but I'm all out of suggestions at this hour.
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      #1 and #2 have bad grammar and give the impression that your closing down companions rather than a company. I don't think that is the ideal vision you want.

      here are some idea's...

      #4 How to close your company
      #5 How to survive closing your company (or business).
      "Teachers can open the door, but you must enter by yourself." ~Chinese Proverb
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    Thank you kindly for the feedback, I really appreciate your input and have to say that we ourselves had opted toward a grammatically correct version, It still matches closely to our current/previous 'How To Close Company' site title / registered trading style name.

    Here's hoping your week isn't too snowbound!
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    All 3 are very very similar.
    However, the 3d one, bottom one, look better (the under text - slogan - is smaller, fit better).
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