Disable Network Admin on Wordpress.

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I posted this on the (crappy) Wordpress forum. Their support staff told me to fukk off. Actually, they weren't that kind, they said
"If the plugin you use doesn't work, try using a different plugin for sitemaps.
You can find urgent support here WordPress Jobs .
Neither reply made me think Wordpress were actually serious about support. Both made me think that pondlife could outfox them.

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Hi everyone, I would like to ask what I need to do to disable the network admin for my blogs.

Now I will explain: I had WordPress on a subdomain to try it out and to act as a backup whilst I messed around with the css and php. Now I have disabled that site and taken down the WordPress platform from it - only I still have the network admin running.

I have recently installed a plugin that arranges an xml sitemap for me only it doesn't work for "multiple sites" - which it assumes by my having a network admin in place. The plugin is called "Google XML Sitemaps" by Arne Brachhold.

How do I either disable the network admin (which is a bit of a pain anyway) - or work around it so that the plugin is happy.

Any help gratefully received. Gemma xx

Any help and advice gratefully received. I don't need suggestions about what I should do with certain "helpers" at the Wordpress forum. Good grief, are they for real??

[PS if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it]
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    1. This is NOT a WordPress support forum...
    2. The "official" WP support forum is run by unpaid volunteers. For a free script that forum is pretty good - if you know how to ask a question. Or how to search!
    3. If we give you an answer that you don't like, will you go to a 3rd forum posting there how "crappy" the 'support' in WF web design forum is?
    4. A less-than-a-minute search in their forum brought up this:
    WordPress › Support ยป Remove Multiple Sites/Turn off Network

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    Thankyou for your thoughts, Istvan.

    I was new to Wordpress and finding problems. I had little idea as to how to phrase the questions I had since I had little experience of the interface.

    Now, I meet new people entering marketing every day, asking the self same dumb questions. Usually these are stuffed with assumptions and confused ideas. Each of them hoping is to make it big. I give them my time and effort, untangle any problems and ask them to explain anything that I don't understand.

    Is it too much to expect of a geek?

    Or are geeks the kind of people who can't answer a question? By somebody who doesn't understand the makeup of their rather confused interface*? Is it not possible for a geek to ask a question in return, or do they lack the interrogatory skills to ask basic questions?

    (*Which, by the way, is the topic of an upcoming piece on how not to communicate).

    So, Mr Horvath. Have you any questions, or are you fresh out?
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    As a final thought: I don't go around on forums telling people that they should go and hire someone instead of trying to learn something new. It's hardly the best way to encourage someone to trust your judgement in recommending a jobs website.

    Because I take the time to listen to these confused person on the forum. I ask questions when I don't understand them - I don't fob them off with links to pages they wouldn't understand themselves. Nor do I fob them off by telling them to go employ somebody unseen and take a chance that their copy gets trashed.

    When I give them answers it often happens that someone really gets the idea that I know what I am talking about.

    That is when they turn around and ask if I can work for them.

    That is when I say "you can't afford my prices" and they say "try me". So I send them an email.

    Because this doesn't happen because I told them to go hire. Okay?

    Oh, and I apologize for posting something about Wordpress on the Website forum. I was under the mistaken impression that Wordpress was something to do with Websites. Evidently it is something else.
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    @Moriarty being rude is not the way to go.

    - Looking to install WordPress?
    - Do you have problems installing or editing a theme?
    - Is your WordPress version outdated and in need of an upgrade?

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    Makis 77

    @Moriarty being rude is not the way to go.
    Sure, believe me, I can be rude if I want to be. But think for a moment, just one moment. What is it about programmers that they are so easily upset? What is it that leads them to misunderstand a comment because they don't have the imagination to see a problem from a different perspective from their own?

    It is this lack of understanding that leads them to think that code can be poetry. Code can be elegant, it can be simple - it can't be poetry. The very nature of code does not allow it.
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    People - not just programmers - are rightly put off by a whiny brat with an entitlement attitude and an inflated ego that obviously expects the answer to every question asked to bound in a gift box, served on a silver plate, with a silver spoon alongside.

    WP isn't serious about support - they don't offer any. So quit whining about it.

    The 2nd Amendment, 1789 - The Original Homeland Security.

    Gun control means never having to say, "I missed you."

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    Don't understand why some people think "Wordpress" as an organisation
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