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I know this is kind of out of place for the warrior forum, but can anyone recommend a good starting point to learn web design? HTML, CSS, etc.?


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    I'd go pick up a webdesign for dummies book or just do a search on google. What is your current skill level when it comes to html and css?

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    You'll need some good books. I read many design and html books. Practice is the best way to learn. Just keep designing stuff. Find a design you really like and try to duplicate it. Do that many times until things start looking good. You learn a lot by doing, but the books helped a lot too.
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    You could also try, they have a really good coding section.
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    Originally Posted by pvijeh View Post

    I recommend a good starting point to learn web design? HTML, CSS, etc.?
    Which is it?

    While there are some technical things you can learn about design, I don't know that everyone can really do design.

    It comes more naturally to some than others.

    Learning html and css are more about learning coding.

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      There is two aspects to webdesign

      1st Is the principles to make the website aesthetically pleasing.
      2nd The technical component or coding component

      Like an artist, first the vision, then putting the brush to canvas

      Been a technical person I always find the 1st part harder, the 2nd step alot easier there is tools such as dreamweaver that can help, by giving you templates and a wysiwyg interface . The other way to learn is find a website you like, save the page and use your favorite editor to reverse engine it.
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    Sign up for online training at
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    I have learnt all I know about HTML by just doing and making mistakes and by using this website as a resource: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
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    Try several sources and find one you like. is good, so is the W3schools.

    The thing is, you'll reasonate better with some writers than others, so look around a little bit and find a writing/teaching style you're comfortable with.

    Good luck.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design -

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      Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

      The thing is, you'll reasonate better with some writers than others
      Is that what happens when you resonate with a writer because they seem reasonable?

      Originally Posted by Michael71 View Post

      Yeah, I've also noticed the occasional bit of outdated or inaccurate info on W3Schools, but I think the vast majority of the info on there is still relevant. It was one of the first big web dev tutorial sites on the web, so I appreciate it for what it is.

      To the OP... see this.

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    Online tutorials can be a great resource ( some mentioned above ) or Google learn html / css free.

    I find that i learn best through practice, if you can set yourself up some free hosting or develop locally. Build some pages with tuts you find, play around with it and you will have no problems picking it up.

    Books are great for offline references also i must add.
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    There are some great resouces on google that can teach you this, but you can also find affordable web designers if needed on fiverr or
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    it is a good way for starting with HTML, CSS . I gonna explain different way for learning. First ,choose any web site that you like.Then open html source of this web site , copy all codes into your text file and save .html to your computer.Then start changing codes and save it.You can easily see what are the changings by visual . So , i think its a good way , i learned like this. By the way , you can use visual studio for creating dynamic web sites. There ara too many videos on youtube.
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    I've built about 20 sites. Every single tut (aka in my sig) is made from the things I had to learn to build them. So 99.9% of the time, anything you need to learn has already been copy and paste ready for you there.
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  • Profile picture of the author rlcf, I am currently learning with them and the results are awesome.

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      Well learn the basics first, I've seen a couple of informative sites on Google. There are even videos available. And I guess, nothing beats application. So keep practicing.
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    Best one is w3schools. you can learn all basics from there. Google it.
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    First learn basics
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Java Script
    4. Other Languages
    There are two options for learning , 1 paid training from well-reputed institution
    next if you are little talented the best method is online study from W3Schools Online Web Tutorials , Online video tutorials & training | site etc

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      Hi, i understand your problem.. i too was in your place a few years back and no one to help..
      If you are planning to learn web design starting with xHTML, CSS then visit w3schools.

      Its a very helpful site and if put in your time sincerely then you will see results.

      Happy Learning

      Haseeb Kibria
      Web Designer & Developer

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    You would need to be patient while learning about design.Check some good designs like few on awwards site and themeforest.
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    One of the best resources to learn website design is W3School.

    Free After Effects Templates for your Videos and Media Projects

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    If you beginner then HTML,CSS is best for start. After that you PHP is good for learning.
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    Not a chance My partner and i don't even think your site is usually also sluggish.
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    You may learn a lot from after google it but my personal recommendation is and
    hope it'll help you most.
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    You can check Online video tutorials & training | it's a paid website but they have tutorials there for most of the thing you might like to learn and more. They use screenshot video tutorials that teach you what to do.

    Graphic Design & Web Development Services:
    Banner Design Services:

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    You could also find some really good training videos on, some are free and some are paid.
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      You can try to search for video tutorials on YouTube. You can also download of buy ebooks about HTML and website design. Or you can also try to read articles about web design on the internet first.
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  • Profile picture of the author LogoShield and/or are two fantastic websites for learning web languages. That is about the best you can find for free (in my opinion). If you're willing to pay, however, a tutor is far more effective.
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    Another vote for TeamTreehouse, great site!
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    Good starting point of learning web design is online training. you can learn on internet. It is an easy source from initial point of view.
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