HTML Template in Wordpress - Need Help Please!

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Here is the link to the webpage:

I am using an HTML template inside my wordpress site and I want to get rid of the white part at the top of the webpage and at the bottom of the webpage...

What do I need to do to get rid of the white parts?

The graphics for this site were originally meant for an HTML site but I wanted to try and use it for my wordpress site.

Is this possible or am I just dreaming?

Thank you in advance for your help and direction.

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    That page is all messed up:

    HTML Code:
    <p><head><br />
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      So...I pulled up the webpage and then viewed source. I saw what you were referring at.

      Strangely enough, it was not in the coding that I put into the form. Not sure how it got there. I deleted the spaces in between the <head> and <meta> tages and that took care of some of the white space but not all of it.

      Thank you.

      Anything else I can do???
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    Yeah there is a para tag at the top. The half ass way would be to just use some css to cover it up with the header. The right way would be to track down where the para tags are coming from.

    Half ass way:

    #header {
    "You shouldn't come here and set yourself up as the resident wizard of oz."
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    Solution is to delete "overflow: hidden;" from #header in mycss.css.
    Just delete it, upload back and try..
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  • Profile picture of the author JohnDBrewer I tried what you said Mary Beth and no dice. I tried what Andrew H said "margin-top: -40px" and it worked. Will definitely need to find out why it was doing that at the header for sure.

    Any ideas on the footer sections?

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    Uh oh, I missed the bottom white space. Ok then, when looking at the page source I can see a lot of paragraphs that shouldn't be there.
    At the very beginning there is a paragraph that starts before head and ends after meta, it should be deleted:
    HTML Code:
    <p><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /></p>
    In the middle of the page source I see another paragraph that should be deleted, it starts within the head:
    HTML Code:
    <p></head><br /> <body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></p>
    And one more redundant paragraph at the end:
    HTML Code:
    And now the "margin-top: -40px;" (mycss.css) needs to be removed too.

    Delete, upload and let's see.
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    @JohnDBrewer -> since were already half-assing the header issue, might as well do the same for the footer:

    here you go:

    #footerbackground {
          margin-bottom: -20px;
    "You shouldn't come here and set yourself up as the resident wizard of oz."
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    @MaryBeth - The <p> tag before the <head> tag is not in my code. That is where the problem is coming from.

    This is all inside WordPress. The theme I have allows an html template and that is where my code is. The <p> tag is being added by WordPress and I don't know where to go to remove it.

    *Edit* I did try to remove the <body> line and it caused all sorts of problems with the graphics.

    The -40px did fix the problem but as Andrew H is the half-butt way of doing it.

    @Andrew H - I thought I had already tried that. But I had tried something else. That did it.

    Now...any ideas on how to find out the real reason those white spaces were showing up??

    I want to say thank you for your assistance with this.

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    Simply out of curiosity... why are you even using wordpress for this landing page? Seems like a whole lot of complication for no reward.
    "You shouldn't come here and set yourself up as the resident wizard of oz."
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    that can messed up. just checkout this

    <p><head><br />

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    @Andrew...I was hoping to use a plugin for some of the things that I want to do on the page that I am not to sure how to do in HTML and what I have found, doesn't quite get the effect that I want.

    You have been a great help.

    @MarkKapoor...please read the entire thread before restating something that was already discussed before.

    Thank you for your help everyone.

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    If you open your header.php file within WordPress, you should be able to find the <p> tags relatively quickly. Just delete them and save the file and it should work like magic.
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    Hey BillyW,

    Thank you for the suggestion. My problem is that I am not familiar enough with the way WordPress does their programming that I am afraid I would break it.

    For the time being, I am going to use Andrew's suggestion and when I can pay a programmer, I will then have them fix it.

    Thank you again.

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