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I'd like to design website and sell them on but i dont know the basics of programming. I would like to use a software like pagelines or planetstarta but im not sure of the best one to use. I also need to know if themeforest would allow a theme made from a software. I have heard people can make $50,000 in part time income, is that normal?
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    Don't think to make themes by software automatically, It can generate themes with low quality, Let learn about Css and Html first to become a web designer expert and you will have unique and beautiful themes. Of course, sales/income from selling themes on themeforest depend on your skills.
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    If you do not have the programming skills, I would really not do that.
    Themeforest has fairly tight guidelines for approval.

    Also, and VERY important.
    You MUST be able to support your theme!
    You will get ton's of support questions!

    You would be better to try to sell a PSD design, or even just an html template if you really want to sell on TF.
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      If you can't build the theme yourself, and use any "creator software" the result will be little better than garbage, nobody will buy it.

      Learn WordPress, php and CSS and you might be able to make $50k

      Buy software with expectations of selling themes, and you will be out the cost of the software.


      ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    You can also partner with a coder, there are many of those requests on their forums. Coders looking for designers and vice versa.

    It helps if you already have an accepted psd design for sale there.

    Good luck
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