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I am looking to get some feedback on my website from a customers point of view. The service is designing/printing business cards for small business's (I have not yet completed the order pages and transferred it to the right url ) Any other advice/feedback would help, Thanks

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    My first impression is that you have to get some images of your product on the home page.

    That image you have includes some pretty people with pretty smiles, but you aren't selling a teeth whitening product.

    I wanted to see some business cards, so I clicked on the link titled, "Business Cards." I still didn't see any images of the product you are offering. I did finally find them on the "Portfolio" link.

    Also, the images you do have are pretty boring. Find some great images of your product and get at least one or more on your home page.

    And good luck with your venture!
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    I like the look overall.

    As a writer, the first thing that jumps out at me is the grammar in your landing page content. It's not great. Having grammatically perfect content will pay dividends in the long run.

    The second thing I don't like is the logo. So many colors! I find it very distracting. If your users find themselves staring at your logo for a few seconds they may decide to just hit the "back" button. This will give you a high bounce rate.

    I'll proof your landing page content if you want. Just send me a PM.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    You should create a slider on top images on page instead of static image you are using.
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      Yes that picture on your frontpage looks like a lawfirm image or something, use something creative, a cute girl holding up business cards, or a caveman scratching his head as he's trying to design a biz card. Also that about me part on the front page could also be setup to look like a business card as well??? Just some ideas, once you nail your frontpage, then people will look at the 2nd.
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    Change the name of your website to proper capitilization. Most of it looks pretty good though!
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    It looks like a professional webdesign! It loads not so fast (did 4 seconds to load the webpage), but it looks great!

    Good Luck!

    Kind Regards,
    ICTBoost - Johan Santamaria
    Webdesign Leuven | Webdesign Mechelen | Webdesign Antwerpen | Website laten maken

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