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I keep going to these websites with a ton of graphics and they just keep loading and loading and loading more the more you scroll down to the bottom.

WHAT is this called? HOW do you make this?:confused:
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    It's called an "infinite scroll". If you want it on your website the easiest way to get it is to search for templates that have an infinite scroll.
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      WOW! THANK YOU! I have never heard that term!! I forgot to ask, why is this it user friendly vs a static portfolio page?
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    The purpose as I understand it is to allow the page to load faster. Images are only loaded as the page is scrolled down by the user, which speeds up the rate at which the visual portion of the screen loads.
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    it's also a nicer way of releasing content that's much easier to use. If the page was 1000 screens long, it be held trying to scroll to any single part of it.
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    I think people use it for a couple of different reasons. Most probably use it just because they think it's cool. That's probably why you asked about it. Another reason is probably just to keep users from having to click on a link to go to another page.

    I think the first place I ever saw it was on facebook. Personally, I don't like it. In the case of facebook, I'd much rather be able to just go to the last page and scroll to the bottom to see whatever was posted first on a persons timeline, than to have to scroll for 30 minutes to see it.

    But that's just my opinion.

    The question I would have about using it is, "what do the search engines think about it"?
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      VERNON...actually I do NOT like it. It kinda makes me crazy how it keeps loading and you can't figure out where you left off....I put your question into Google, "what do the search engines think about infinite scroll". There is a lot there if anyone is interested.

      Thanks again,
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    I was too late to answer, but yeah its called an infinite scroll lol. I don't see the need of infinite scrolls except for news and media sites because of the load speed it can probably save you if you have a lot of content, plus it can also help your visitors stay on one page instead of clicking around the site trying to find content. Other than that, its just a waste of needed space and extra time loading on your site. You can use it to add some "spice" to your site of course. Just my 2 cents

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    I'm another infinite scroll hater, web designers just doing it because they can, does nothing for user experience, trying to find anything on a revisit is a nightmare.....

    Much better if you have a lot of items to stick in a database and provide a proper search, or tag the items for easy grouping. With paging at least you can remember what page your item was on if going back later.....

    Remember 'KISS' (Keep It Simple Stupid)........
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    Hi - got some resources.

    Infinity scroll can be over done - it's also referred to "endless pages'.

    It's just a tool which when used properly can improve the users experience.

    But a lot of the time is just used to be trendy. make good use of it. (of course)

    And if you want a dynamic loading webpage that looks like a newspaper, it can be cool. Just checkout:

    Many people on tumblr with thousands of images drives me insane.

    And infinity scroll should not be used with videos - dumb idea as the page get too heavy and slow.

    Infinity Resources I've used:
    (explains the good, the bad, and the ugly of infinity scrolling has wordpress plugin)

    If you have images not loading up properly try:

    Plus be nice to your user - add a "back to top" button which will return the visitor to the top of your webpages:

    SIDENOTE: Infinity Scroll and


    Esty B tested infinity scrolling under the idea Pinterest was a popular an interface, as well as, it was requested by many Etsy sellers.

    You'll be real surprised by the results:

    I hope this helps - Mark
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    It's called an "infinite scroll"the purpose as I understand it is to allow the page to load faster. search for templates that have an infinite scroll..
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