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I would like to build a portfolio to advertise my website designs. I also need to know what software is best for screen capture (partial or whole) so I can include a thumbnail of the home page for each site.

Thanks for any help.

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    If you're using a PC - I usually just use PrtSCn on the keyboard, and then simply paste it into Photoshop or a photo editor of some sort - then crop/resize it.

    You can also hold Alt + PrtScn to capture only the browser window and nothing else.

    I hope that's helpful!

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      I have to agree that Print Screen is the best thus far. If you need something extra and have no idea what the extra is, then I suggest that you investigate what screen capturing means to you and your end result.

      I ran into a problem a few weeks ago and I thought a free solution was the answer, but as I went through the process I discovered I truly had some special needs. Office automation is not settling for plain Jane especially when more is needed.

      Figure out what "MORE" is needed and investigate your need. At Buddyandbanjo our motto is:

      Office Automation Is Not A Fad and I am not a programmer!

      Thank you!

      Here is an excellent tip: If you are not familiar with automated GIF files, you can make them very easily. This was brought to my attention because I wanted some eye candy on my site and everyone else was creating them and I never in my life thought to figure them out.
      Then it occurred to me that this simple skill is something I could ask other people who want to work for my company. In doing so, I discovered that there are a million things a marketing person should know and SIMPLE gif design is one of them.
      I will present a website in just a minute. But here is how you create an automated gif. You screen capture a 400 x 360 photo or something on screen using print screen and save that image to your computer some where. You then create a blank one that is 400 x 360 for example. You do this as often as you like - I save three of these. On the first one, this is my base, on the second one, this where I make some changes and on the third image I make changes again and on the forth image I make sure it is identical to the very first image.

      Upload all (4) images to this free site in the order I explained and it generates a gif for me that is animated. Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make A GIF Easily I found this process very interesting and once I learned how to do this, it's wonderful. It is a small, very small step toward success and if you have been putting off doing this sort of stuff- Please try it once. It will take about a hour or a few hours of your time but the most exciting part is putting "YOUR CREATION" on your web space.
      Recall our motto:Office Automation Is Not A Fad and I am not a programmer!


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    If using a windows PC, 7 or 8, not sure if this exists on XP, or Vista, but upgrade already would ya.
    Anyways...they contain a tool called Snipping Tool. It allows you to drag your mouse and select the area of the screen you want. Then after that you can open if in whatever to crop or resize etc.
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      Thanks for your help. I will try the Print Screen and the Snipping tool. I've been trying to use Fireshot, but when I try to upload the screenshot to my wordpress site, there's no picture, just a link to my picture. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'll try the above.

      Thanks for the help,

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    Honestly just use the snipping tool and / or the print screen button. I personally just upload a lot of my screen shots and images to Imgur for faster load times.
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    Snipping Tool , FastStone Capture .
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    Greenshot tool is a better Screenshot tool, because Greenshot allows quick creation of screenshots.
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    Nimbus Screenshot from Everhelper is a free FireFox addon and it is perfect for what you want to do. Actually, I use it to do the same thing and you can see the results on my site in my signature. Just click through to any of the theme demos to see the screenshots.

    Also, WordPress has a plugin that creates "custom sidebars" that you can place on each of the pages or posts that display your themes. Its called Custom Sidebars

    Jeffery 100% :-)
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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      If you want to annotate screenshots as well, try "Greenshot". It's just the best as it allows automatic copying path to file to your clipboard after screenshot is saved plus it has integration to some image sharing services where you get URL copied to clipboard after upload completion. It also has magnifier for those precise screenshots you want without putting strain on your eye.

      It really helps your productivity and I strongly recommend it.
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        Thank you again to everyone for jumping in to help me. I appreciate all the responses and it seems Greenshot will do exactly what I need.

        You guys are very generous.

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          Originally Posted by codream View Post

          Thank you again to everyone for jumping in to help me. I appreciate all the responses and it seems Greenshot will do exactly what I need.

          If you are using Google Chrome then from Chrome Web Store - Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate is an awesome screenshot capture tool, just add it to your chrome and ready to use. Even you can highlight some important points by pointing in the sceenshot, can capture rectangular/oval/circle shaped screen prints.
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    Try ShareX it's free
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    I would suggest gyazo as u click on the application, select a portion of your screen and it opens the screenshot in a new tab in safari/firefox/chrome,etc and you can share the link.
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    I think Snipping Tool will be good option for capture screen shot.
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      Since no one else said it ... I'm a big fan of Jing, from the makers of Camtasia.

      You can also do 5 minutes screen capture videos. that export to SWF, without a watermark.

      It's free ... but there are some limitations like the 5 min video limit.
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    I'm currently using SnagIt for screencaps of small parts of my screen but if you want to screencap the whole webpage, you could install "Awesome Screenshot" plug-in to your browser that is free. it also has different options of capturing the visible page only, a portion of it or the whole webpage.
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    Hi I use Skitch it works for quick screen grabs
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    I do screen capture through pressing print screen button and paste on paint or photoshop
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    I've had great luck with free PicPick.
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    I use print screen and then modify the image if needed.
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    techsmith's "snagit" is pretty cool, you can do screenshots of full pages if you want to scroll, include animations in screen grabs, etc.
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    There are many Screenshot tools available, You may use
    Ashampoo Snap
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    Awsome screenshot, lightshot and jing are the best screenshot tools .
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    snipping tool will work great for you. and no need to install it its aready in your windows pc (i suppose you have windows pc)
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  • If you didn't try you should POKIT. Awesome program it also has option for directly upload/ copy to clipboard.
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    "lightshot", best screenshot tool for win & mac .
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    There are so many screenshot tools available, the one that I prefer is Free Online Screenshot, it works for both Win & Mac. You can use it to take screenshots, make edits or even upload image online for sharing.
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    LightShot is best for PC and Mac. Just install it. Click PrintSrc button to take screenshot.
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    Lightshot is what I use for my work. It is a very great tool and it have the feature to upload images directly to imgur.
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    If you are using Ubuntu use Shutter. the best tool Downloads | Shutter - Feature-rich Screenshot Tool Some of the best options with Shutter is it will show you multiple upload accounts. And you can link your Dropbox as well using Auth.

    If your OS is Windows use Clip2net software

    Hope it helps buddy!
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    You can use - free image hosting / image upload you can also share your screenshot .
    Thank You.
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    full page screen capture is a nice im used this one, but default chrome screen shot capture is a best one
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    If you use Google chrome then there's a extension called "Webpage Screenshot". Very handy and easy to use.

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    Snipping Tool, Skitch and FastStone Capture are the best tools to my knowledge.
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