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I have one main WP site. Now, I have designed some custom WP themes and I want to put them on sale on my main site.

Now I want an option to show buyers, the working live demo of my designed sites.

How can I achieve that?

Will I have to create sub-domains for each demo site, install WP on that and then activate the theme on it? This will take lot of server space.

What is the easiest option and what people do generally?

Thank you.

I found these 2 links.

Are they the only path to opt for? They look difficult for me.

Is their any other method?
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    See if this is helpful dsouravs

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    Hi dsouravs,

    We are currently doing something similar for our eCommerce products. For the main site we installed WordPress and created a network for the theme demos. The Multisite could be installed on a sub domain.

    Its super quick on my localhost, make sure you have some kind of network there to.

    I'm currently using the EDD plugin to handle the downloadable content and shopping cart. WooCommerce could too be an option.

    With a few custom template files and edd shortcodes you can customise the look and feel to any particular design. There is an extension that creates a user in your WP upon checking ou.t

    For your support forum bbPress will work well.

    PS: For our host we are using shared server space at bluehost, site could probably speed up a little, wondering whether or not a caching plugin would make improvements.

    Best of luck!
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    Yes, I tried that.
    Everything works OK except that the sub-domains always return a Page not found error.

    I need to give more try to it.

    Otherwise the stuff to do is easy.. just some code additions in wp-config.php and .htaccess file

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    This could be many different factors, after activating a new theme head over to the permalinks settings to reset any 404 issues.
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    I see.
    OK I will let it know.

    Thank you

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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