JVZoo vs Warrior+

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Just noticed there's a new affiliate programs that's around the forum recently.

JVZoo, what exactly are the differences between the that and Warrior Plus in feature-wise?

Hmm, are we allowed to put both buy buttons from both affiliate program on once sales page?
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    I have never used warrior pro other than as an affiliate which I had to pay for monthly. I sent questions for support never got. As a result I did not use them I have launched a thread using jvzoo. I did not have to pay for button my affiliates can promote for free, oto buttons included as well. I want to see how many will make the switch over to this instead. I can see it really taking off but warrior plus is highly well know on the forum.
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    Having used both Warrior Plus and JVZoo as an affiliate, and setting up products in both programs, I gotta say, they're both good.

    They both get the job done, but personally, I love JVZoo a bit more.

    It's real simple and clean, you don't HAVE to pay $20 every time to release a product (you'll pay a small percentage of each sale to the platform, but you don't have to spend any more money to get the buttons to work or anything like that.)

    Everything really just laid out for you with JVZoo, and there's plenty of people who are joining it.

    Not to mention Bryan and E. Brian Rose are on top of everything, and make sure their coders take care of all their customers.

    Example: Chris Ramsay released something recently, but he was having some problems.

    They got to him QUICK and made sure everything was squared away so he could do his sale like he wanted without anything to hold it up.

    Warrior Plus seems to be getting kinda lax with helping the customers and such. Not trying to say anything bad, but it just seems like they're not all there anymore.

    JVZoo is new, everyone's on task, and it's easy to use.

    I'll take JVZoo for all the products I release in 2012.

    -Sean Sheehan
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    Although I haven't used JVZoo for any WSO's yet, I've been happy with how it works so far. I've placed products on there platform directly and it's very easy to use. I'll be using it for any WSO's in the future. I also think that JVZoo has some new features coming out soon as well.
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    I like jvzoo more now than w+. I was having a problem due to me using a custom delivery script. Bryan got me setup with his coder and in minutes, they made changes on their end and now my delivery script works. I haven't seen anyone so open to user feedback and responding so quickly to it. Anyone interested in jvzoo should check it out. 2 thumbs up!
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    All I can say is, JVZOO blows away anything I have seen and/or used.... It is one of those true game changers and I hate people that use that saying regularly.... But for this service, they have really outdone themselves!!!! I mean look at what you get without the headaches!
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    Thanks for all the information about JVZoo, I think anyone can tell who's better now...

    However, I was just wondering, does JVZoo has any similar function like WSO of the day that sends mass emails for the chosen WSO?
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    I've used JVZoo for all my products.

    So far, all I can say is WOW!

    I've used W+ before but I thought of using JVZoo just to try them
    out and Boy! was I impressed!

    The only thing that JVzoo can't make is tracking what page and line
    number your WSO is on in the WSO thread.

    But it makes up for it for sooo many things.

    Plus the excellent and responsive customer service. It's
    the icing on the cake.

    ++++++ on JVZoo
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    When I was a newbie I decided not to be an affiliate because the affiliate programs I found had SERIOUS FLAWS!

    Thanks to JVZoo that's all been fixed and I LOVE promoting and listing products there!
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    As a seller I think JVZoo is leaps and bounds ahead of warrior+. The ease of their system , the way affiliates are taken care of for you, the payment splits are better on sales...etc etc. IMO warrior+ is in for some serious competition.
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    JVZoo is awesome They rock
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    So if you had a new internet marketing product, would you recommend putting it on:

    1. Clickbank
    2. JV Zoo
    3. Both?
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    JVZOO seems to be very popular wtih sellers but what about buyers? For me it sucks! No customer service for customers, no support for customers, and no way to resolve an issue unless you have a recent purchase with them.

    My issue is that I can't get a purchase through their system and there's nobody to help. I will never use them for purchases and now especially for sales of my products and services.
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    Hi fellow warriors,

    I'm planning on launching my first ever WSO next week and have a hard time deciding which payment platform to go .. W+ or JVZoo

    Lots of people are saying that W+ will give you lots of "top" affiliates from WF and if you're not using W+ you'll be missing out on all these affiliates.

    Nonetheless, after reading https://www.jvzoo.com/compare i think JVZoo is also a good place to start..

    Until now i'm still in dilemma .. so please share with me your thoughts and experiences ..

    Your comments to this thread will be very much appreciated,

    Thank you all in advanced,

    P.S. God bless you
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    I'm looking to launch my first WSO next week.. and my main goal for this WSO is to look for affiliateS to promote my offer.. So which will be your recommendations? looking forward to hear your replies?

    1) Warrior+
    2) JVZoo

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    I didn't mention this in my previous post because I wasn't sure if it applied to everyone, but I've since learned that it does (at the time of this posting), but:

    If you do a WSO now using JVZoo as the payment processor they'll refund the cost of the WSO to you. You can't beat that -- it's like getting a free WSO listing.
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    @ Dennis, yep. They paid for mine.

    Its seriously a risk-free opportunity. You'd have to be a fool NOT to try it.

    And I must say, the experience has been nothing short of amazing.
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    There are 3 main differences between JvZoo and Warrior+

    Difference #1: JvZoo gives you a split commission for every sale, while Warrior+ gives the first commission to the seller and the next to you, and so on maintaining a quota the most similar to the commission (example of a 75% commission: 1st sale goes to the seller, 2nd, 3rd and 4th commission to you, then seller again and so on)
    Difference #2: Warrior+ has 100 times more products, plus there are at least 20 new products added each day (almost all the WSO that come out).
    Difference #3: JvZoo is Free, Warrior+ costs less than 4$/month for an affiliate.

    So you can choose between the two, but in my opinion is best to get them both
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    JVZoo is tight man. Plus like another guy said, look at the responsiveness in the forums..

    I've been waiting for months for Mike to reply to my question about WSOPro. Still nothing.

    That isnt the case with JVZoo. These people are actively checking the threads & answering questions, hell they are even (at this time) paying for your WSO listing for you.

    But I cant even get a damn response from Mike. So no thanks, I'll go with JVZoo over WSOPro any day.

    I'll gladly let them take 5% of each sale. I dont care. lol and I'm sure they dont mind receiving it They will probably invest it to make the site even better over time, so why would I care about giving them 5 dollars for every 100 they let me run thru them? duh.. lol

    PS, people seem to think JVZoo is small.. man, trust me their platform is stable. They run some huge numbers without any problems. Everything runs like clockwork.

    And ya, they are steadily growing. Just try them, you'll be glad you did.
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    Researching JVZoo and came across this. Perhaps for a Seller this is a great platform. Hoever, as a Buyer, it is missing one, big, huge, feature. There is no way to read reviews on a product or comment on it. I have bought 3 products through JVZoo as of this date and they all 3 suck. Problems with every one, over promoted, issues with programming. So essentially, there is no feedback, and no way to know if the product is as advertised. One thing is, I bought the first one from an individual who I ahd purchased from before. Then JVzoo got my my email and started promoting to me for other products. Now if the product is listed on the Warrior Forum and you just pay through JVzoo, that is probably ok. I will not buy direct from JVzoo again.

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