CPA Network Not Paying $6000 Commissions As Advertiser Claims Invalid/Uncontactable Leads!!!

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Hi everyone,

I really need some advise and help... Please share your thoughts and personal stories with dealling with CPA Networks not paying you..


I found this awesome offer paying out $85 per lead for an insurance short 1 page form offer. I decided to run it.

I was converting and spend over $4000 in advertising costs over a few weeks and generated $6000 in Commissions. I was happy Until i got this message below:

Hi there, your leads are not backing out for the advertiser and you need to pause the offer. The leads that you have generated cant be contacted by the advertiser due to invalid information.

I have a feeling that the advertiser may not pay the affiliate network for the leads I generated, therefore not paying me for any leads.. I generated these leads FULLY through legitimate Search PPC, which as you all know is pretty expensive...

We wore the cost of all advertising which was expensive!!!

I did not have any control over the advertisers landing page and dont know whether the leads contact number was valid or not. But the advertiser is claiming to the affiliate network that they cant contact the leads I generated them.

This is not my fault! and I do still need to get paid for the leads I generated as this is our out of pocket expense.

This happened AFTER the fact of already generating these leads!!!

Has anyone here experience a similar situation? what steps did you take and what was the outcome?

Can advertisers really refuse to pay if phone numbers are incorrect AFTER you spent thousands to generate these leads. I generated 70 leads at $85 per lead = $6000 in Revenue....

This is money we truly earnt.. there was Nothing fraudulent about these leads period... Just because the advertiser is claiming they cant contact the lead, can they refuse to pay for the lead AFTER the fact?

Do I have any leverage and what exactly can I do? or do I just have to take the hit and just accept whatever the advertiser is willing to pay me after the fact...?

What doesnt sit well with me is that, you spend money on advertising and get the advertiser pixel to fire, thinking you are making money.. and you optimise accordingly. AND THEN after you generate the leads the right way, the advertiser tells the affiliate network, the leads appear suspicious/bogus/invalid and that they cant contact the leads... What the ##@@#?????

Please advise me and tell me anything that will help to make this fellow marketer feel better...
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    Always join a reputable company. Also speak to your account manager about this situation.
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      Originally Posted by George Phillip View Post

      Always join a reputable company. Also speak to your account manager about this situation.

      Unfortunately that is always enough anymore. Even "reputable" companies aren't paying, but there are a couple of things to consider...

      a year ago or longer, the network probably would have paid whether the owner of the offer paid or not because the money was just flowing...rebills were bringing in revenue left, right, and the network would in some cases just pay out on an offer that they didn't get paid on.

      So, you have to figure out what's going on...

      If it's some trashy network that was set up last month claiming they "haz offers...more than likely, you're just beat...You're money is gone, and your ass isn't getting paid...time to get over it.

      If it is a legitimate network, and you feel as though they are trying to screw you, and they refuse to talk to you, or work with you, then hit them where it hurts...go public, and tell others that are spending money to promote their offers what happened to you.

      Unfortunately, that place probably isn't here....There are a few forums though, where if you out a network not paying you for leads that you should be paid for....more than likely, others will cut back on their ad spend and cost the network some traffic...that very well could either get you paid, or at the very least get you a "real" explanation as to why you're not getting paid.

      If you want to PM me the name of the network, I might be able to give you some contact info.

      A couple of things that can save you some hassle when running paid traffic to an offer.

      1. If it's a new network (to you) start small. Spend a couple hundred bucks, generate some leads, and see if you get paid ON TIME...if you do, chances are good that you will continue to get paid.

      2. After you generate a couple leads, contact your AM or compliance and just ask them if your leads are acceptable....Let them know that you are paying for traffic and that you've been stiffed by a network or two, and that you want to verify that you are going to get paid before spending any more money. Try to do this via email or messenger so you have it in WRITING.

      If you were promoting an insurance offer, there is NO REASON why your leads would supply the wrong information...Not that I can think of anyway...unless you stumbled on a competitors campaign, and they are trying to break your bank roll by purposely falsifying leads (this actually happens), at the end of the day, one of the following is true.

      1. The network is trying to screw you.
      2. Your leads were/are bad because you were doing something shady
      3. Someones out to get you muwhahaha

      Decide early on if the money you are owed is worth going legal over - If it is, stick to your guns...if not, do what you can do trying to get ahold of someone, but if they are just telling you to pound sand, accept the fact you're not getting paid - drag their name through the mud a bit, and move on.
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    I have to say i have made a lot of money with email submits, Downloads, Dating but i have yet to run a insurance offer that has not complained or reversed the leads, and i always got the same line it wasn't backing out for the advertiser,

    I made my self a new rule i refuse to run insurance offers no matter the pay out, I run my own network and we have insurance offers but i keep then on approval only and really hate when someone apply's to run one as i know from my experience and many others these are the Pickiest and cheapest in the business.
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    Sorry for what happened .

    I would agree with Jeremy comment and go with it .

    And , everyone should learn from this bad experience and you should always do maximum due diligence before you decide to join any CPA network .

    It is also advisable to make a small test and confirm the quality of traffic by contacting your affiliate manager . Once you confirm the traffic , you can go ahead and massively promote .
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    Yeah I'd like to know where i can tell everyone about Colin a Feedflair not paying out. What's the forum Jeremy?

    Welcome to the gutter with some CPA companies....what a sh** industry.

    If it is a legitimate network, and you feel as though they are trying to screw you, and they refuse to talk to you, or work with you, then hit them where it hurts...go public, and tell others that are spending money to promote their offers what happened to you.

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    Which cpa network was this? Let everyone know so to be able to avoid them.

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      Originally Posted by Tony Dean View Post

      Which cpa network was this? Let everyone know so to be able to avoid them.

      Check the terms and conditions. If it says that you risk not getting paid if the advertiser doesn't pay then just go with it .... if it doesn't NAME THE NETWORK.
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      Originally Posted by Tony Dean View Post

      Which cpa network was this? Let everyone know so to be able to avoid them.
      This is brilliant comment .

      Let us know which CPA network you are talking about so that others should be aware of it and avoid using the network .
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    What affiliate network was this? I've never had an issue with non-payment.


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    Yea reveal to us the network so we can blacklist them

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    Send me a PM with the name of this network please


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    This happened to me at Feed Flare Media - Collin is the owner and he did not pay me for some leads - over 1k - he said the advertiser was not happy with the leads - but the thing was I had the same leads from a more reputable CPA company using the same advertiser and they paid me over 30 K so it could be the terrible network you are working with......


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    $85/lead for an insurance campaign? I have yet to run across a campaign offering that much for 1 page submit. Even if I did, I'd be very cautious with it.

    In any case try to contact the network and see if you can settle an amount with them that covers your expenses.
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    Sorry to say that, this was solely your mistake
    They have worst reviews, you should have spend some time in researching about that network before bringing some traffic to there offers

    Feed Flare Media Reviews - Trusted CPA Network or Scam? //

    Atleast from now onwards spend some time on reading reviews on that network before investing such a huge amount.

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    Sorry for your loss. Will be avoiding them now :/
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