Email Submit Offers - How they work so you make more money

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Ok ok, I'm giving away some knowledge, i hope this is useful.

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Everyone wants to make easy money with email submit offers. We drive traffic to them, and also have our own.

So how do they work?

Well it's really quite simple, as to the concept. But there is a key secret behind it, and it's the technology you use. SO what does this mean?

1: A landing page is created with a popular offer for a niche. maybe baby stuff, nappies or prams or some junk. The reason they chose that niche for the landing page is, the back-end (pages 2-10 in the funnel) they have connections with multiple income sources that a "mother" generally the one filling in the offer.

2: On page 2, after the email submit the advertiser might try and collect some more info, so they can isolate exactly what type of person, and where they live, so they can build huge email lists, segregate them and market to them for months.

3: on the next page they are offer incentivised offers. Maybe even 5-10 on that page, and the user will be told to get their prize they will need to fill in the offers... $ for the owner of the email submit offer.

4: Lets just keep putting them through the same paces and see how many incentivised offers they will complete! so basically the user faces many more pages, just the same. Surveys and offers to get them to complete. And the whole time, there is usually a bar at the top of the browser with more compelling info, to get them to continue through the gauntlet.

5: Eventually the user gets pissed and leaves.

6: ROI, what are the numbers. Ok they are supposed to pay you the affiliate $1.50 per email submit right? Well, will they?

Here's some figures...

$1.5 per offer.
Statistics are on average 3 out of 10 complete 3 pages: 6 Incentive offer = $2.20. 4 out of 10 complete 4 pages = $3.10. Final 3 do nothing after page 1.

So overall after maybe 500 email submits. They will earn $2.5 per email submit.

So how to make more??? Or if they are not getting $2.5.. Only $1.2, how can they make this offer work??


yep, they will scrub (delete) leads that affiliates are sending that don't complete up to page 3 or 4 or 5. So you really the pixel is not firing on page 2, its on page 5. And then we have $$$.

Can I help you make some money with email submits? It is possible. Ask away...
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