Article Writing Tips - Learn How to Write an Article Using These Foolproof Tips!

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Wondering how to write an article? Well, now that depends entirely on what kind of article you want to write. If you are thinking of writing an article for print media (e.g. newspapers, magazines, etc.) then you'll probably want to contact the specific publisher and ask them what their criteria are and also request information on their style guides.

If you want to know how to write an article for the internet however, you can just go ahead and start writing. There are no rigid rules or norms to be followed. Is it that easy? Sure it is - thousands of people on the internet write articles everyday. However if you want to ensure that your articles are worth reading and not just a collection of words, then there are a couple of things you have to pay attention to.

First of all, you will have to ensure that your internet article is informative. People on the internet visit a website primarily for one reason: to get information. Whether it's about a product they want to buy, a game they want to play or even just to idly while away the hours reading blogs, everyone wants information.

Aside from information, you will have to ensure that it is easily accessible. This means writing in a clear voice, with good grammar, good spelling and a structure that doesn't require too much mental processing. This includes keeping your sentences and paragraphs short. Internet users want things fast. If they have to look for information in a 20-line paragraph of which the sentences go on for 4 or 5 lines, then they will simply move on.

And that's how to write an article for the internet. If you are just starting out, joining a couple of forums or creating a blog on which you can post your articles would be a good starting point. As you read and reply to messages posted by other readers you will become more familiar with the lingo of average internet audience. Soon, you won't have to think about how to write an article- it will just come automatically to you.

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