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by kayme
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I run a forex blog which gives aspiring traders tips on forex trading. Due to the technical nature of the subject matter, how often a week should I post without bombarding my readers with too much information?
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    I think it depends on your niche and your what you goals are, in the forex niche things can change instantly so daily posting would be possible but not necessarily ideal. It may be more beneficial to focus on 1-3 posts a week that are well written and attractive to your audience.
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    There are no set rule. You need to see what readers want , divide them into a series kind of thing then write. In start you need to populate your site more with content but as time passes you can take gap in between. Make sure you structure your content like a guide , so user can easily go from 1 to 100 without confusion.
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    It will vary depending on your audience.

    I'd say at least 1-2 times a week if possible to keep your audience interested.
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    The sweet spot in my opinion would be 1-3 times per week to make sure your audience knows you're around and thinks of you. Depending on your niche, as Jmos has said, you may consider increasing that frequency. It's a delicate balance though because very few people (if any) want an email from you every day of the week. Most people just don't have time to go through that many emails, even if it's great quality content.

    I follow some great people and I receive great content from them, but I just don't have time to properly implement their lessons or practices. I find myself filtering based on the subject line and will delete emails without opening them. I don't unsubscribe because I love their content, but others are not so nice and would unsubscribe to help clean out their inbox.

    The other thing here is that you're asking about a blog entry. Often times, blogs are kinda long and tell a story. This takes up more time to read for your readers. This is different than those who email other types of content that is much shorter in length to read. So the length of your blog is also a factor. If your entries are always quite long, I would stick to just 1-2 times per week.
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    As it's a forex blog do thrice a week. Because there are lots of changes going around in that sector.

    This stocks up high, this down. etc etc

    You could try doing daily ( not too short and not too long ) something around 600.
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    You should always post a minimum weekly .If you have room in your schedule to post 2 times a week then do it.Never set a schedule that you cannot stick to.More importantly it is the value of your content you write that matters most and consistency.
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    You can post blog 1 minimum in a week and 2-3 max in a week. For best results, you can post 1-2 blog post in a week.
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    I think the.more often the better ,important its to give good content and original that helps people .If you deliver junk content on a large quantity you will much hurt your website instead of helping it
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      I think the.more often the better
      Would you stay subscribed to an email list where you received 15+ emails per week? You'd have to have a LOT of time on your hands to appreciate that many (or more) posts per week, no matter how much you love their content!
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    It would be great if you post 1-3 blog post in a week.
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    There is no specific threshold for this ! but if you are in competetive niche 2 / 3 posts will be good enough !

    try to write something useful and unique and get as much engagement as possible !

    Keep readers busy with your new topics !
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  • Hi,
    For better result, you can post blogs atleast 2 in a week
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    We cannot decide how much blogs to publish on a website as it depends upon the business category and the readers. Still publishing two blogs in a week having approx 1000 words per blog is an ideal condition for any business category.
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    It actually depends on your audience. There is no specific limit for this one, but personally, I would have it around 1-2 blog posts per week as not to exhaust your content.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Daily posting is not obligatory for this subject. You may write more detailed posts and publish them 1-2 times a week. If I read something in this niche, I prefer in-depth information and step-by-step guides instead of short notes.

    Best and worst brands, reviews from real customers -

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    I don't blog, but I do email. Assuming every time you post your readers are also getting an email, you can track your stats and actually figure out how many posts/emails produces the overall best results.
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  • Profile picture of the author SV Web Services
    It is a common observation if you make fewer posts, more attention will you get. Making too many posts divides your audience attention between each.
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    Contrary to all of the "advice" you have been given above... once a day every day ( as long as its quality ) is PROVEN to get you results over time... maybe not right away, but over time its a winning formula.

    Be it blogging, Vlogging, IG, Facebook, TicToc.. it doesn't matter DAILY is what gets you traffic in the long run.

    Look no further than right here: read it for yourself... started with next to nothing then 1 year later see where he is at doing DAILY content.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    No set rules. Just don't bombard the visitors with post after post; quality over quantity.
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    I feel like quick, digestible posts can be created 3-5 times a week....
    I know, personally, when I'm excited about learning something, I wanna consume it all in one sitting!

    Also, are you completely "tied" to the idea of writing?
    Would you do voice, or video?

    Are you trying to collect leads?
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    I think you should look at the niche you're in. Forex is super competitive and if you can truly offer good advice for who are in this niche, then they'll want it several times a week for sure.
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    No less than once a week. I'd say try to average every other day. People will read the content they are interested in and ignore what they are not regardless so the more you are putting out there the more people are seeing your name/ content.
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    Your articles should be at least 1800 words.
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    You should go read/watch grant cardone... Or gary vee.

    Basically, you should post as much as you can while still running your thing
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    Anytime you have good advice to give them, tell them about it.

    Some people have lots of following in all sorts of niches and some of them post everyday whether it is by email or podcast.

    I don't know, once a week is not enough to keep me interested in following someone.
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    I don't think there is any hard and fast rule other than when you post make sure you are posting quality information that is informative. In the Forex niche as others have pointed out, things can change very quickly therefore, if things are changing alot one week post more times to keep your readership updated on these changes and another week it may be quiet, therefore, do not post as often, This willshow your readership that you have an excellent understanding of the subject matter as you are on the information curve and your post are very relevant and you are not just posting for posting sake.

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    It all depends on your niche and the number of articles. For convenience, plan your placements. When making a plan, please note that you do not need to place in a certain amount every day. It is best to post articles in a chaotic manner. For example, today is Article 2, tomorrow - 1, etc.
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      I find it quite common. But if you publish 2-3 blog posts a week. This will be the most excellent solution. You will not have to wait for your readers and at the same time maintain the ranking of the blog.
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    As it's a Forex blog i would say at least x2 per week. The key is the quality of your post and how engaging it is.

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    As people have pointed out earlier 1-3 points for a forex blog is ideal. Just focus on the structure and everything will be ok.
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  • Profile picture of the author grandstar
    I came incredible info yesterday and seems very relevant to your questions

    Two guys set up a blog and wrote 25 awesome articles on it within a month. Afterwards, they forgot about the site.

    Close to a year later, they were getting 66,000 page views a month to it despite no new content added after the initial 25.

    So, what do you glean? Have awesome content that is beneficial to the readers, at least 1,500 words long and do your keyword research (for searchers and the Google webcrawlers to find your article).

    Have you learnt something more?
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    In my experience, I post only once a week but I make sure that it is a really quality post but in your case, since you give tutorials and news updates, maybe 2x a week is good.
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    At least 2 posts per day , because as more info you will have as more followers with follow your blog !Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author ToddGordon
    So my suggestions are:
    Choose the blog topic and style after great thought. Focus on what your reader would want and why she/ he should visit your blog.In the initial days write as often as possible. Maybe even twice a week but definitely once a week is a must.
    Ensure each blog post has appropriate content, the language and grammar are in order, and you have developed a good style to hold readers interest.
    Once you have ample content you can scale down your writing but ensure you continue to update the blog regularly.
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  • Profile picture of the author ahmansoor
    If you can write compelling content on on-going basis, you can write a post even on daily basis. If it is not possible, twice or thrice a week will serve the purpose. As long as you are adding value to the reader and is not distracting them, you can post as often as you like!
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  • Profile picture of the author karanparwani

    Just keep adding value to the marketplace without thinking about the number of posts, Find out what your readers want and create content around that.

    Your readers are on all platforms which have audio, video and written form of content available. You can repurpose your already build content into audio, or video or text and upload on these platforms.

    As Neil Patel Says, spend more time promoting your unique creation than creating it. See backlinko, he hasn't crossed 100 posts and already has a ton of traffic.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Busa
    I suggest you look at what the top authority sites are doing in your niche.

    Model what they are doing and do something similar with your site.

    You may find that they are posting almost every day or a few times per day.

    You will not bombarded your reader by adding content. (just make sure you creating high quality content that you would read yourself.)

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    It depends, but I think keeping good contact with your public is the key to success, so I would say once a month is a must
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  • Profile picture of the author Jamell
    The quality of the content is what matters the most .You need to create a balance between credting content and then sharing the content.
    Pick.a content schedule that you know you can adhere to and always try to post valuable content .
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    I personally love having information everyday on blogs that I follow. I'm not sure how your followers are but I do like seeing mine post a little something everyday even if it's just a few short inspirational words.
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    Once or twice a week for an average person who does not like receiving tons of emails everyday. IMO, it's fine. I'd love once a week though.

    It would depend on your content because there are those like news sites, of course, a daily email does make sense.
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  • Profile picture of the author AzieDesigns
    Here is the simple logic...

    1- There should be content on your blog so that if a visitor lands, they should have something to browse around.

    2- Try to do 7-10 initially, as you grow over time and have a pretty readers list then you can slow the pace as per your desire.

    Case solved!
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