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Is it a Good Idea to Spin Articles?

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Posted 10th May 2016 at 01:30 AM by Arun Chandran

You may have heard the term “article spinning”. It sounds so exciting. You take one article, throw it into an article spinner (software) and it creates 50 new articles. Fantastic isn’t it?

No… it’s not. Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is… just like how the brighter the photo is, the darker the negative is.

Let’s look at this in greater detail.

Assuming you used an article spinner to generate a number of copies of your PLR articles, what you would end up with is a hotchpotch of articles that are a mix of synonyms, weird sentence structures, etc.

No matter how good an article spinner is, there is only a certain limit as to what it can do. It will never be able to produce an article of the same quality as a writer would.

If you used the spun PLR articles on your site without editing them, your readers would struggle to make sense of the gobbledygook on your site and in all likeliness will lose respect for you.

Once that happens, traffic to your site will drop and so will visitor retention. Google will notice this and drop you off the rankings so fast that your head will spin faster than the articles you’ve been spinning.

Many sites that used spun articles aren't around anymore. They ended up deindexed and have never been seen again.

Now the question is… Should you avoid article spinners totally?

My answer would be yes
… BUT… that is my opinion.

If you need tons of content and you do not have the time or budget to get them manually rewritten, you could use an article spinner and spin your PLR articles.

However, you must proofread them and ensure that they read well and make sense.I would only recommend one article spinner for your PLR. You can read which one here.

You should note that Google and other search engines’ algorithms are so advanced, that they can detect spun content these days. They do not even bother indexing spun content anymore.

You could get around this by checking your spun content in Copyscape to ensure that they pass.

Anything that results in a percentage above 10% should be rewritten so that your article appears as original as possible.

Your best bet would be to manually rewrite your PLR articles.

But what if you hate writing and struggle with it? What do you do then?

Don't worry. I've got you covered.

I’ve written an article about how you should rewrite your PLR. It will tell you what to do even if you can’t write. So, there is hope.

Article spinners are not your only option. Google wants you to be a good content creator and not a washing machine.

Click here to learn how to rewrite your PLR

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