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Two Economies?

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Posted 28th January 2009 at 03:22 PM by jwhagarty

In today’s uncertain climate it seems that everyone has one of two opinions about the state of the economy. Depending on their view point they are either fearful or optimistic. This is not a matter of personality, but more a matter of background or, for lack of a better term, programming.

People who are “job minded” – employees – are fearful. Based on no particular survey but my own common sense, I will say that roughly 75-80% of Americans fall into this category. These are the ones who listen to the news, watch the stock market, are laid off or know someone who is. They will tell you the economy is awful, terrible, the worst they have seen in their lifetime. They will tell you about how we are in a Recession, or even a Depression, and can tell you exactly how the federal government should spend money to bring us out of this mess. Many people who are dependent on traditional employer/employee relationships for their living are suffering right now. They can’t do what they used to do (j-o-b), or even if they could they saw what little they had in the way of “investments” lose most of their value. When you live paycheck to paycheck, just barely keeping your head above water, it doesn’t take much more than a splash to make you swallow some water. The events of the last few months have been much more than a splash for a lot of people. More like a tidal wave.

People who have the skill set, mindset, and money to invest, are excited about today’s economy. These are the investors, employers, and business owners who will tell you how it is a “buyer’s market” and how everything is at a “discount” right now. They are aware of the stock market and are buying shares of solid companies for unheard of prices. They know the real estate market and are purchasing foreclosure properties and commercial real estate at pennies on the dollar. They are buying businesses, starting businesses, and increasing their cash flow while gaining capital.

Five years from now, ten years from now, twenty years from now, our economy will be more or less what it is today. There will still be a stock market, people will still have jobs, and people will still lose jobs. Some people will still be living from paycheck to paycheck, barely keeping their head above water. Other people will have multiple streams of income, abundance, and prosperity.

The choices we make today, determine our tomorrow.

You can continue to keep doing what you have always done, and keep living the life you have always lead. Or you can try something new, make a different choice, take action outside of your comfort zone, and start building a brighter future for yourself.
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