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The power and importance of self branding

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Posted 26th October 2009 at 11:09 AM by katiepanton

The power and importance of personal branding
As an internet marketer it’s vital that you stand out in everyway that you can from everyone else; become recognizable and relatable to your audience in a very full on and authentic way, because people don’t just buy into your products or services, etc, they first and foremost buy into you. As such they need to know that you’re a real human being, relatable and likeable, just like them. They need to feel that they can trust you, you are authentic, genuine, truly knowledgeable and you’re going to give them real value and worth if they spend time and money with you. But on top of this you need to be a real person, just like them. Not some elevated, jumped up character that flaunts what you have that they don’t, how great your life is compared to theirs. All this does is create this great gap between the two of you, and there’s no common ground because they feel inferior and like they could never achieve that. So being showy has the opposite effect to what you would desire; the best way to come across is to be very down to earth and real, show images of lifestyle, freedom and family, travel, etc, and come across as one of them who was in a position just like they are now, but you transformed your life by doing XYZ.

So, the whole point of personal branding is for your prospects to get to know you and trust you, for relationship building. So it’s your job to put yourself out there and be very transparent and trustworthy.

If you’re nervous about getting started you can create a character: write down everything that you envision yourself to be as a successful leader in, say, five years time. Research the leaders who you follow, and write down the characteristics that you respect and respond to from other leaders. Write down all the characteristics that you feel a leader should be, that also resonate with you personally. Once you have them down you can now role-play in this new ‘character’ you have created, because this character is your alternate personality when you are in your business. You will become this person and it will soon become very natural, as long as you do it consistently.

It’s so crucial that you’re genuine and authentic as yourself. When you make this character you are not replacing them with who you are, you are still essentially you, you are just the developed and evolved leader that you would ultimately like to be, because you are compressing time and becoming them now.

In video marketing, particularly, people will read into your body language; making eye contact, the tone of your voice, whether you smile, how comfortable you are or whether you fidget. Video marketing is very multidimensional compared to, for instance article marketing, which is only very 2D. You have the chance to put your full personality and character into your videos, and so it can be a much more effective form of marketing because you’re reaching and connecting with people in a much more real way. Video marketing has much more targeting and higher quality conversions because of all these reasons, but it is only something you can do when you are self branding, so it’s important to get started! It also increases your credibility as an authority. People will also form indirect friendships with you, they will feel like they already know you when you eventually speak, which brings down so many of the initial trust barriers, etc. People then come to you at a stage when they can’t wait to work with you!

So the ways in which you will personal brand yourself include lots of social media; social media gets such high traffic, but it’s a fantastic tool for people to come and check you out, see if you’re for real, find out what you’re really like as a person. So you need lots of lifestyle pictures for them to come and get a glimpse of your life, put value and advice and training videos and articles up there, etc. Let people come and get to know you as a person. It’s so crucial that you don’t sell to them on social media though; social media is relationship building and if you violate that by pitching to them when they are off guard you will lose all credibility and you will just be a nuisance, and they will stop following you. They will opt in when they’re ready, when they choose and when they have gotten to know you. You can, by all means, put links to your landing page on your social media that they can choose to go to, but don’t shove your offer in their face or you will alienate them.

Make sure in your pictures you include only pictures of you travelling, on holiday, in park, with your family, with your partner, involved in your hobbies, doing the things you love. The whole message should be freedom and quality of life. Show them a lifestyle that they also want, don’t fall into the trap of putting up pictures of you next to or sat in fancy cars because what this really does is alienate people by creating this big space between the two of you, because they want what you have, but they don’t feel at this point in time that it’s achievable for them, whereas lifestyle pictures are because it’s something they have but want more of, rather than something they believe they want but at this point and no belief that they can achieve. So be careful with the pictures you decide to use. People don’t really want ‘stuff’, they want freedom and quality of life; the ‘stuff’ is a by-product that comes with the lifestyle as a nice bonus, not the main goal.

The next way is to create a good self-branded blog or ‘hub’. This is your personal site where you will tell them ‘your story’. There is nothing more powerful in self-branding than telling them your personal story of how you got to the stage of success or freedom, etc, that you are at (or will ultimately get to) because it allows them to relate to you. To see your struggles and how you overcame them, so they can see they processes can be easily replicated by themselves. So it breaks down barriers and the space between the two of you. There is nothing trustworthier than personal experience and the genuine desire to serve by leveraging that personal experience to help others succeed too. On this blog, or ‘hub’ you will also have places for them to view your pictures, read your articles, watch your videos, and get any value you have to give. Have links to take them to your facebook, twitter, my space, etc pages and connect with you. Make sure the main page has plenty of lifestyle pictures of you to brand yourself as a leader further. This is a very powerful tool. On top of this you also must get an Aweber account (email auto responder) and have an opt-in on your blog so you can start generating leads on your personal blog as well as your main website.

It is imperative that you do not have a link from your blog directly to your website/landing page though, because Google are clamping down on our industry thanks to the few who are conning people. We have them to thank for the difficulties we now face with Google, but there are many ways around it so do not fear. The best way to take them from your blog to your landing page is to have them opt in, them send them a follow up email with your Aweber, sending them a link to your main website.

Dominate your name over Google with videos, press releases, articles, social media, etc using search engine optimization; make yourself easy to find. All of these strategies reinforce who you are, and it gives them more reason to know and trust you, follow you and ultimately become a loyal customer.

Always give so much value that you feel like you’re cheating yourself with the things you’re giving away for free, that perhaps you paid a lot of money to acquire through a seminar, a programme, a coach, a book or audio, etc. Learn it then give it away. The image of generosity, knowledge and wisdom that this will give you in infinitely worth it. Give it away like it’s weighing you down! Always be nurturing, educating and encouraging them. Build relationships and always have the attitude “How may I serve”, not “What can I get”. The universe responds to what you put out there, so make sure you put out what you want back, and if you do your success is imminent.

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