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Basic Tips on Google Bid Management

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Posted 4th May 2010 at 07:40 PM by mattlaclear

There are various, dynamic methods to enhance product advertisement and increase online earnings. Internet entrepreneurs or marketers are constantly searching for effective methods to market their products. One technique widely used by Internet marketers is the use of Adwords from You select your Adword and bid for it as your keyword in your Pay Per Click (PPC), or Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns in various websites. If you have chosen the suitable Adword, this could mean more clicks on your product ad, more conversions, and more sales. This is because Google search is one of the top search engines online. As an Internet marketer, you should know how to go about your Google bid management.

What is a Google bid management?

This is a process where you bid on your choice of Adwords, keywords or keyword phrases, depending on how much you can afford and how effective the word is. The purpose is to get your product or service at the top of ads advertised in various websites. You have the option to increase your Cost Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Click (PPC), or Cost Per Action (CPA.)

What are some tips on Google bid management?

• When bidding, and you do not know how much to bid, get the average of the top bids and start from there.

• You could also compute for how much to bid for a CPC by basing it on your profit per product. Know the actual data on how many conversions occurred and out of how many clicks. Compute the projected conversions per number of visitors and then base your bid from there.

• Conversion Optimizer by Google Adwords is a tool to help you determine what PPC keywords work best for you. It also helps you optimize your PPC and minimize your expenses by providing a Cost Per Action (CPA) bid with a PPC price.

• Learn how to track your Adwords and analyze the results. If the competition has more clicks or conversions, you can explore how to manage your Google Adwords to increase conversions.

• You can also improve your Google bid management by using the bid management tools to determine what keywords had the most conversion and which ones are over –budgeted.

• Avoid bidding too low or too high, but you can take advantage if the Max CPA, which is the highest you can bid for a conversion.

• You can make your Google bid management easier by knowing what the best keywords are in your business, through Adwords.

• Your Adwords are your keys to a high Return of Investment, so select them well.

• You should learn how to analyze your data, so you could change your bids accordingly and save money.

• Opt for tools that would lessen the workload of selecting and adjusting your bids. These tools could increase your PPCs in websites where you have more conversions and lessen your CPC in sites where your ads have poor showing.

Knowing the processes of Google bid management would help you a lot in bidding correctly, selecting Adwords or keywords, paying for appropriate PPC or CPA and obtaining higher conversions which would increase your ROI’s.

Matt LaClear is the CEO of SEO Traffic Services, a Michigan SEO Web Marketing Services company. Matt has been helping Internet marketers drive traffic to their websites for over a decade now and has no plans of slowing down any time soon.
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