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Script 2 the Manager

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Posted 9th September 2011 at 06:52 AM by Owen Mailer

If you use script 1 and the first part of it suceeds then you then need to engage the second Script. this is slightly different than speaking to the secretary as this guy is not paid to speak to people, he is paid to get the job done.
So you need to get as much information over in the first 30 seconds as you can as after that he will shut down.
please also remember that your tone of voice needs to be slightly raised during this conversation.

Customer" Hello Joe bloggs speaking ,

me"Hi There mr bloggs my names Owen i'm calling from epc pest control do you have 46 seconds to spare?

Customer" 46 seconds?

Me" ha Thats all i need joe this wont take long.

Again go straight in you have had your comedy moment to soften him up.

Ill tell you why im calling joe
I run a local pest control company and i was wondering if you have a current contract??
Customer" yes we do.

"me" ahh just what i wanted to here.

That throws him off guard as he doesn't expect you to be happy that he has 1 !!

"ME"Joe id like to give you a competition
(do not say competitive they are expecting that word.) quote for your Current pest control contract.

customer"oh well we already have a pest control contract

"me" thats fine joe Most my customers did but given the opportunity to meet with you for 20 minutes when you have some time will give me the oppertunity to slash your current price and increase your current level of service

Customer" oh em right yeah when would you like to meet
ME" joe i can fit you in (say day and time ) dont say 25th or a number say a day as its more drawing than a date.

Customer" oh im away that day
me" ah business never sleepps huh ( laugh)
customer" exactly
ME" right then whens good for you joe i can fit in round you no problem.
Customer" next wednesday at 3pm
ME"not a problem joe i will see you then.

And there you have it.
if you want you can finish by telling him it was over 46 seconds but you will deduct the seconds from the actual meeting.
I did that twice and it worked wonders lol
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