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Can Kids Make Money Online?

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Posted 14th April 2009 at 11:53 AM by ShayB

Can kids make money online? Absolutely.

I have four children.

My oldest daughter is 15 years old. My oldest son is 13 years old. My younger daughter is 11, and my younger son is four years old.

My younger daughter asked for one of those small mini laptops for her birthday. She got it on April 4, 2009. That next week was her Spring Break. I expected her to spend most of her Spring Break playing with her new computer, but I was not prepared for what she did with her computer.

She wrote a short fiction piece and decided that she wanted to sell it on her blog. She has also created videos in order to market her short story.

I am thrilled beyond words for this. There are so many adults that do not understand the process of creating an information product, developing marketing materials, and then selling your product. At 11 years old she understands the complete process. I am amazed.

I am going to keep everyone posted as to how much she makes with her story. I am very excited about the journey she has started. Even more exciting than that is the fact that she did it all on her own and without buying the first e-book or WSO.

My 13-year-old son is also inspired by his sister's accomplishments. He has already written up a basic business plan for what he wants to do. His plan is a bit more complicated, but I believe he can have it up and running in less than 30 days. Maybe only two weeks.

Parents are always wondering about teaching kids about money and also ways for teenagers to make money. I am finding that it is much easier than I would have ever dreamed. Kids want to learn and they also want to earn their own way. So many kids get very impatient with school because they see it as getting in the way of getting a job and making money.

I believe that teaching kids how to make money online is the best of both worlds. They do not need many hours during the week in order to put into their business, and they can even do it before they are able to drive.

When you get kids making money online at an early age, it becomes second nature to them. You really can't go wrong. Teach them how to make money online while they are still at home and they do not have to worry about supporting a family or paying a mortgage payment.

By the time they get old enough to worry about those types of things, they should be making enough money online so that they never have to worry about those things in the future.
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