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Website Promotion: What to Do With Content You've Written

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Posted 10th September 2015 at 02:31 AM by trevord92

Content makes the internet go round. Google thrives on new content and webmasters are more than happy to supply it in the hope of getting more traffic back to their sites. But where should you place the content you create?

Your own site takes priority

Your own site should take top priority for any new content you create.

Simply because you're more in control of your site than you are of anything else.

Unless you do something really dumb like deliberately break someone else's copyright or forget to renew your domain name, your site will always be there.

My personal aim is to put most of the content I create on my own site (maybe 75%). And I suggest that should be your aim as well.

Sites that can send traffic take next priority

Especially at first, it can seem that Google and the other search engines are deliberately avoiding listing your site in the search results.

That's probably not the case but it can definitely seem that way.

Which is why I like using sites like this one for at least some the new content I create.

They have a bit more authority in Google, maybe not much but probably more than a brand new page on a Web 2.0 site.

Other formats help

In recent months, I've taken to re-using the content I've written in different formats.

Generally I'll only put one of each type of format somewhere - so I won't post an article to more than one site for instance - but I will use several formats.

Articles are my first preference - maybe I'm old fashioned but they seem to work best for me. That said, not in traditional article directories like EzineArticles, they seem to have vanished from the search results. But on Web 2.0 pages, guest posts, etc.

Then I'll copy and paste the article into a Word document or a PowerPoint style slide format, make the formatting look nice and then upload to a document sharing site such as SlideShare.

Once that's done, I'll use a screen capture software program and read out the article. This is then uploaded to YouTube for those people who prefer to watch rather than read.

I probably should also strip out the audio track and upload that to a podcast site such as iTunes but that's not something I do at this time.

Keep doing it!

Google's thirst for new content is insatiable.

It also seems to think that sites that are regularly updated with new content are more important than ones that stay relatively unchanged.

That means that you need to keep creating new content and uploading it to various places.

Of course, the content has to be good quality and useful. But so long as you know your subject that shouldn't be a problem.

Set yourself a target to spend at least an hour a day on your internet marketing and at least half that time - probably nearer all of it - creating new content to help promote your website.

Your persistence will pay off and you'll be rewarded by a gradually increasing number of visitors to your site.

If you'd like to know more, check out this post about using the content you've created.
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