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Stuck for Ideas? What to Write About on Your Website

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Posted 16th September 2015 at 01:08 PM by trevord92

It's not just famous authors who have writer's block. Anyone creating content on a regular basis can succumb every now and then. The trick is to make sure that you don't experience this feeling too often and, when you feel it creeping up on you, to do something to get inspiration. Fast!

Find a list

Lists are everywhere.

Do a search for your niche and add in words such as "7 ways" or even just the word "list".

You'll almost certainly get pages and pages of results, most of which will have lists of things related to your topic.

You can then use these as the seed idea for your next piece of content. Most items in a list can have enough written about them to make a decent sized blog post.

Go to Amazon

Search for books on your chosen topic.

The majority of them will have the "look inside" feature enabled and, more often than not, that leads to the main chapter index.

Whilst some books will have chapter headings designed to cater for people dipping in and out of the book, most of them will have lists of what they cover.

And since the book has managed a whole chapter - or at least a subsection - written about the topic, you should easily be able to create a page for your website or an article like this.

Lurk in forums

Most niches of any size have a forum or at least a sub-forum devoted to them. If not, there will probably still be occasional questions in related areas.

Either way, take a look at the topics.

Most of them will tell you about the subject of the topic - there's no need to go into the actual forum thread unless you really want to - and that should give you plenty of ideas for things to create content about.

Keep a pad by your bed

If you're in the habit of waking up in the middle of the night with ideas, keep a pad by your bed together with a pen or pencil - maybe one like you had as a child with a small torch built in - ready to joy down ideas whenever they spring into your mind.

Browse sites like this one

Any site that holds large quantities of articles and documents is bound to have ideas flowing out of it.

A quick browse around any of the sections here, simply looking at the titles or delving into the document if it promised to be home to a list, will give you ideas aplenty.

If you’d like more help, take a look at this content creation crash course.
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